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Insurrectionary Imagination experimenting in London

transmitter | 15.10.2004 18:36 | European Social Forum | London

London, Friday 15 Oct. People from the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination did 5 actions this afternoon. Vacuumcleaner dropped into the indymedia center with the news:

About forty insurrectionary laboratorists visited 10 Starbucks Cafes in the City of London supporting the "Save our Starbucks" Campaign. People tried ordering coffee with redesigned starbuck cups stuck in their mouths. A video is in the making

When the laboratists regrouped for a warm-up at Liverpool Street Station, they realised that the police seemed very interested in their project. Undercover cops had followed them around for a while, the fit team (cops with cameras, forward intelligence team) took pictures, and there were a few police vans and many cops.

The insurrectionaries moved on to do a bit of "Unreality TV" in the city of London, twisting reality a bit for the people behind the xx CCTV cameras - and probably also for the cops in three police vans who followed them around. About 50 people moved very slowly in front of CCTV cameras, or walked all backwards, or suddenly all froze. The cops were completely confused, didn't understand what was going to happen, and shut down lots of shops just to be on the save side. Even the entrances of the Nat West tower were shut.

Meanwhile, in a big supermarket chain in Whitechapel yomango was "doing a yomango" together with planka. Yomango is Spanish slang for something like "I am stealing and I like it".
Yomango's objective was to collect food for tonights circle line party. Two of them were arrested, and at 5pm today were still in police custody. The rest of them came back with eight bottles of alcohol (Whisky and Tequila).

After this mission was accomplished, the insurrectionaries went from Liverpool Street Station to the Gherkin, passing the Bank of England, and headed for two more actions around 3.30:

One crew went subvertising around Old Street (London East End). Flypostings were painted over and thereby turned into legal graffity zones in true banksy fashion.

At the same time, the Berlin-based institute of nomadology put a new piece of regulation regarding tourist and tourist behaviour into practice. Uniformed guards were placed at both ends of the millenium bridge to hand out official flyers. In these flyers, tourists were asked to prove their tourist status. They were warned that if they failed to do so, they would be deported to asylum-seeker camps in north africa, where they would be forced to work.

At 5.30pm, the Clandesteine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA) held a CIRCA-training at "Beyond ESF". The training will be put into practice on Sunday 17 Oct, at a mobilisation gig for the G8 in Gleneagles.

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