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Further Report from British International in Arafat's HQ

26-04-2002 18:18

One protestor dead - seven injured.

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23: Patriotism

26-04-2002 18:10

This is a call for revolution
We exist within a community of life
Our choices influence the course of existence
Are we leading or are we being led
Will we choose peace or war

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GM Activists storm Stage at Bayer AGM in Cologne

26-04-2002 15:47

Activists storm stage at Bayer AG's AGM to protest over the companies GM crop interests

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Did Henry Kissinger Have Something to do with 9/11?

26-04-2002 15:28

From San Francisco Indymedia, a piece of information that could link Henry Kissinger to the atrocities of 9/11!

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NCADC: report on latest Asylum Bill

26-04-2002 14:41

Forwarded from National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns:

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An anarchist celebration of May Day

26-04-2002 13:40

History of May Day and PDF leaflets and posters

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26-04-2002 13:40

Two ships departed from Barrow-in-Furness in West Cumbria this morning for Japan where they will collect a shipment of MOX fuel for which the safety data had been falsified. This is an absolutely necessary step to ensure future Japanese contracts for the sellafield MOX plant and as such it is in contravention of assurances given by the UK government to the International Tribunal last November before the plant was commisioned. For story and background follow related link to

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Bomb and gun attacks on Jews in Europe

26-04-2002 12:43

Article in Jewish Chronicle, 26th April 2002

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Deep-rooted nature of anti-Jewish views

26-04-2002 12:35

Article in the Jewish Chronicle, 26th April 2001

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The Stench of Hypocrisy in Model London

26-04-2002 12:21

The Stench of Hypocrisy in Model London


In the Company of Vultures

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Statement by British International from inside PA compound 26/04/02

26-04-2002 12:17

Statement by British International from inside PA compound 26/04/02

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Mayda Spoof Newspaper Published

26-04-2002 12:06

A spoof newspaper, Hate Mail, has been published in support of Mayday.

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work for a pittance: unemployed to be forced into work,

26-04-2002 11:37

Work for a pittance - or else

Plans to force the long-term unemployed to take minimum wage jobs or lose benefits are unethical

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MoD block wind farms

26-04-2002 10:30


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Radical Ecology - Manson Family Origins?

26-04-2002 09:58

ATWA is an enviromental terrorist group led by Charles Manson from his prison cell. Here is an exerpt from the ATWA homepage:
ATWA -- Air, Trees, Water, Animals. ATWA is your survival on earth. It's a revolution against pollution. ATWA is ATWAR with pollution -- a holy war. You are either working for ATWA -- life -- or you're working for death. Fix it and live or run from it and die.

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Peace agreement, Israeli style (cartoon by Latuff)

26-04-2002 09:19

Peace agreement, Israeli style (cartoon by Latuff)
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle for independence.

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Kissinger Protest Report

26-04-2002 04:13

Report from the anti-Kissinger protest in London 24th April 2002 - tried to upload this the other day.

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Teenagers shot by Israelis, then run over with a tank

26-04-2002 03:27

After their mutilated bodies are returned, families of three teenagers struggle to understand why they attacked Jewish settlers
By Robert Fisk in

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Best MidEast article ever. Must Read

26-04-2002 01:29

Read below

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Turkish anarcho in Croatia risks being murdered

26-04-2002 00:40

if deported back to Turkey