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Genoa. Many eyewitness reports of police raid of Italy Indymedia Center - GSF.

22-07-2001 04:47

Many injuries, much blood. Many eyewitness reports of July 22, 2001 police raid (around midnight) on Italy Indymedia Center and also other Genoa Social Forum (GSF) buildings nearby and across the street. All are in Genoa, Italy. Genoa (for those living in a cave) is the site of the G8 (Group of 8) meeting, and mass protests of over one hundred thousand people from over a thousand groups. A broad spectrum of groups seeking economic, environmental, and social justice.

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Horrific Raid on GSF and IMC Genoa: report

22-07-2001 04:32

Report from the IMC tonight.

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How "The Oil Weapon" Will Protect The Palestinians

22-07-2001 03:30

After General Ariel Sharon’s 1973 conquest of the oil and natural gas rich Sinai and his massacre of The Egyptian Third Army in The Sinai, the leaders of the Arab oil producing countries presented a letter to The United Nations demanding ”the return of our occupied territories" and cut off the oil supply to the USA, devestating the world economy.

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Genoa - Camera thrown into burning vehicle

22-07-2001 03:05

Genoa - Camera thrown into burning vehicle
cleaned image of previously posted shot of betacam being thrown into buring vehicle - Genoa 22/7/01

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1973: How General Ariel Sharon Brought The World To The Brink of Nuclear War

22-07-2001 03:03

In 1973, General Ariel Sharon brought the world closer to nuclear war than it has come since the nuclear holocaust in Nagasaki, Japan. In order to stop the Soviet Red Army from intervening as Sharon commanded the massacre of The Egyptian Third Army in The Sinai, The American Nuclear Arsenal was moved to DEFCON 3.

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Photos of victim with facial injuries

22-07-2001 02:50

Photos of victim with facial injuries
Protester led away after being whcked in face by police officer

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Victims from the police attack

22-07-2001 02:48

Victims from the police attack
Victim lead away from the police attack on an ambulance stretcher

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Photo of violent scenes after police attack

22-07-2001 02:47

Photo of violent scenes after police attack
Police violence leaves caked blood all over floor of converted school sleeping space

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22-07-2001 02:02


Full article down 02:30 UT

22-07-2001 00:51

Indymedia in italy was down at 02:30 Universal Time
(01:30 UK time). It managed to stay up throughout
the raid (see below) - what's up?

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Police attack on Indymedia must be publicised widely!

22-07-2001 00:30

The invasion of italy indymedia by italian police

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EF! Summer Gathering

21-07-2001 23:36

'the' annual place to be for ecological direct action - 100+ workshops, national & international campaign round-ups, fun and entertainment. Library, women's space & camping area, non-commercial stalls, kid's space & activities, vegan food & provisions stall. No cameras, no dogs unless pre-arranged. All for a tenner.

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IMC - everyone inside beaten

21-07-2001 23:24

Update from genoa info centre

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Police invade Indymedia Italy

21-07-2001 22:36

had a call from an UK activist outside the centre: he says that police beat up people inside; a protestor lies unconscious on the ground outside; radio gap is offline;

beneath the log of the irc when police broke in:

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Biological Weapons Treaty, Geneva, 23/7/01

21-07-2001 21:59

No-one should forget how much is at stake, everytime we protest - On monday in geneva, the G8 will be back to business as usual - with no mandate, signalling the opportunity for more oppression, social inequity and environmental destruction - The US wants to halt efforts for a biological weapons treaty. Forwarded by the Genetic Engineering Network office in London

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At lilliput peaceniks challenge the Black block

21-07-2001 21:28

The peace plaza, lilliput, was bombed by helicopters and clubbed by armoured police after the (so called) Black block started smashing and looting nearby. This film raises the question of people taking responsibility for their actions.

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black block statement from italian indymedia

21-07-2001 19:53

a statement from black block activists

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"Naked" Wombles go to Campsfield

21-07-2001 19:35

Following the march around Oxford this afternoon, a group of less than ten Wombles, not wearing white overalls, held a march to Campsfield, where we were met by 30 officers, 1 dog and another 4 riot vans.

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Immigration protests Campsfield-Genoa

21-07-2001 18:29

An activist gives some background on why Campsfield Detention Center was chosen for an action to coincide with Genoa. July 19th was called as day for immigration rights. 60000 demonstrated in Genoa. UK-activists were stopped by police from setting up a protest camp in Campsfield.

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Newspapers lament Genoa violence

21-07-2001 18:05

The BBC quotes a number of international newspapers, some of which are reproduced here...