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WDM banned!

08-09-2006 14:31

The Singapore government has banned the World development Movement from attending the annual meetings of the IMF and World Bank

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Children Calling Yarl's Wood IRC 'Home'

08-09-2006 14:20

The Bikounga family
Children calling Yarl's Wood IRC 'home' - Are Britain's Youngest Prisoners becoming Institutionalized?

When children behind the wire start to call Yarl's Wood IRC 'home' it clearly shows that their perception of living in Yarl's Wood, is that they have lived there a long time.

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Justice & Liberty Network

08-09-2006 14:09

A new network founded to protect citizens legal rights and civil liberties.

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Greg Palast faces Homeland Security charges & PAUL KRUGMAN ' S latest

08-09-2006 13:06

- Krugman: More On Inequality

- PLUS: Reporter Greg Palast faces Homeland Security charges and more

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OutRage! (and HRW)- Uganda-45 gays 'outed in witch-hunt-arrests follow

08-09-2006 12:44

Gay rights group OutRage! exposes the 'outing' of 45 gays by a Ugandan newspaper (Red Pepper) in a witch-hunt against lgbt people. arrests have followed.
Human Rights Watch (USA) have also condemned the Ugandan authrities and newspaper.

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Stroll/Roll, Rally against the Welfare Reform Bill:: L/Party Conf, Manchester

08-09-2006 11:16

Good news, at last something is stirring nationally in relation to the very nasty and draconian Welfare Reform Bill: a new national coalition has been created: its a very important step, but imo, it will be interesting to see what support it gets from the left, liberals and the activist scene, etc,

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The Pits of Humanity!

08-09-2006 10:44

You ain't seen nothin' yet...

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Climate Camp site restored to how it was found

08-09-2006 10:11

The last climate campers left site on wednesday after much hard work restoring the site to its original state. The landowner rang on thursday to teel the the campers he was happy with the clean-up operation.

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Bullying need not spoil your life...

08-09-2006 10:00

If you would like to share your experiences with others in a openly public environment, in a group setting, please see Charity Sweet

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Climate Camp

08-09-2006 10:00

Travelling to a climate change camp presents questions

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Sack parliament - stickers and fliers

08-09-2006 09:21

Over the past few years the UK parliament and government have led this country into war upon war, torn up age-old rights and made the division between rich and poor to grow ever wider. Despite only 22% of the electorate voting for them the Labour party has suppressed any opposition to its legislation, whilst opposition parties have continued to offer them a veil of legitimacy by engaging in weak debate rather than denouncing this one-party state.

Despite repeated mass protests parliament has ignored those it is supposed to represent and consistently sided with continuing wars and further authoritarian legislation.
We have only one option left: Sack parliament

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Dear Sir: Please exit immediately Advanced disclosure part ii/2nd press release

08-09-2006 09:20

If voting could change things, it would be illegal

- anonymous witty, clever, intelligent English young man

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08-09-2006 05:29

Unexpected upgraded death sentences
A look at the reasoning behind the unexpected upgraded death sentences for Matthew Norman (19yrs) the death sentence Scott Rush (20yrs),Tach Duc Thanh Nguyen (27yrs) and Si Yi Chen (20yrs)

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Aspartame Awareness Weekend

08-09-2006 04:43

This is Aspartame Awareness Weekend this release has the Report to Schools, new articles by world experts on aspartame, to be forwarded to schools, Board of Educations, pediatricians and OB-GYN for this Save The Children project.

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Chalk4Peace Chalk4Peace Sunday 9th @ Brick Lane Festival - See you there :)

08-09-2006 04:26

Chalk4Peace will be out in force again this weekend chalking the pavement with statements for peace .at The Brick Lane Festival, located BETWEEN THE MOSQUE and THE POLICE STATION on Brick Lane,

Brick Lane Festival goers will be INVITED and ENCOURAGED TO PARTICIPATE by chalking their personal statements on the pavement - poetry, hearts, peace symbols, hopes, dreams, empowering statements, also expressions of frustrations and despair.

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global day for truth

08-09-2006 01:31

global day of truth...

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What Is The Point Of Investing In The Future If There Is No Future To Invest In?

07-09-2006 23:26

The economy is hell-bent on consuming the Earth’s finite resources in order to survive. There is an alternative, but are we brave enough to take it?

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SOCPA - latest news on barbara tucker and steve jago

07-09-2006 23:21

chief inspector robinson and superintendent terry
when barbara attended charing cross police station on bail, she had no idea she would be held for 24 hours, and obstructed from getting legal representation. her witness friend steve jago, ended up in cells after being violently assaulted. the men behind the continual harrassment of peaceful anti-war protestors, chief inspector robinson and superintendent terry, have recently stopped attempting to use socpa legislation and instead bring ever more bizarre charges against their victims.

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5yrs on - Speak to the hand!

07-09-2006 22:15

Please don't hurt me!
Here is one of W's final speeches, author unknown. (applause.)
President Bush Discusses Progress in the Global War on Terror
Cobb Galleria Centre, Atlanta, Georgia

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As CIA Detainees Transferred to Guantanamo, President Bush Acknowledges Secret P

07-09-2006 21:31

Alternative procedures to force some prisoners to talk
President Bush has acknowledged for the first time the CIA has been operating a secret network of overseas prisons. Bush made the admission as he ordered 14 prisoners previously held by the CIA to be transferred to Guantanamo Bay where they could be tried by a military tribunal. Bush said the CIA is no longer holding any detainees but that the secret prisons may be re-opened. We get analysis from Center for Constitutional Rights attorney Barbara Olshansky.