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Multinational protest in Brussels against doubled nuclear spending

25-03-2007 09:10

The European Union will spend 2,751 million euros on nuclear activities in its research funding from this year until 2013 although at least two member countries, Germany and Sweden, have pledged to drop nuclear power production and another, Austria, has banned it.

The nuclear spending in the 7th research programme is double the 1,352 million euros in the previous research budget.

Protesters from Germany, The Netherlands and Russia heard at a demonstration in Brussels, the seat of the EU, that the billions would be better spent on climate protection, energy saving programmes and renewable energies.

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The Banning of Veils...

25-03-2007 01:36

Why should I be force to like the religions being shove my face every day

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EZLN to Initiates the Second Stage of it's Direct Participation in the

25-03-2007 00:18

- The Delegation will be Formed by Seven Comandantas, Seven Comandates and a

Communique of the Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee - General
Zapatista Army of National Liberation
Mexico, March 22, 2007

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Mugabe Gets the Milosevic Treatment

24-03-2007 23:58

The MDC favors economic "liberalization", privatization and a return to the glacial-paced willing buyer/willing seller land-redistribution regimen a status quo ante-friendly policy that would limit the state's ability to redistribute land to only tracts purchased from white farmers who are willing to sell.

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Mugabe hails China for helping Zimbabwe

24-03-2007 22:48

A prominent group of British and American politicians and businessmen - many with energy and mining interests in Zimbabwe - are behind an international organisation to fund opposition to the regime of Robert Mugabe.

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Britain and the Shatt al-Arab

24-03-2007 22:31

I bought a newspaper tonight with a headline about the fifteen British sailors and marines seized by Irans revolutionary guard. The girl selling it to me pointed to the headline and said 'That's it, we are all going to get nuked'. I pointed out Iran doesn't have nuclear weapons and she responded 'Well, they are starting taking our sailors, we have to nuke them'. I pointed out the captives and their families probably wouldn't agree with her.

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A well-reasoned approach to climate change issues - The whole ball of wax

24-03-2007 21:59

NOAA Deputy Administrator Dr. James Mahoney testified before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee on January 8, 2003 on Climate Change: Greenhouse Gas Reductions and Trading Systems.

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Reclaim Our City! - leaflet text for Nottingham's Market Square reopening night

24-03-2007 21:15

NOTTINGHAM - Reclaim Our City!

It’s lovely to have the Market Square finally finished, isn’t it? Now we can start to use it again; as a great hang out, somewhere to sit around with our friends in the sun, the best place to raise awareness about political issues through formal and impromptu demos, listen to free music of all sorts, maybe have a drink, take the piss out of the army recruitment display, shelter from the rain on the Council House steps, but the question is ...

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A Gooood use for CCTV ??

24-03-2007 19:34

Perhaps this approach could be adopted in the UK - after all we're living in CCTV central, so why not 'the Law' too?

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Iran defeats US 6-1...

24-03-2007 19:09

Meanwhile, in other news, Iran defeats US in the world wresting tournament.

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Palestinian Solidarity cries foul outside not-so-sweet FA

24-03-2007 18:30

Activists gather outside the Football Association headquarters in Soho
More than sixty activists took up position outside the headquarters of the Football Association in London today in a call for a sporting boycott of "apartheid" Israel.

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Swansea votes NO to Council House sell-off!

24-03-2007 17:27

Council tenants in Swansea have delivered a resounding NO to the council's plans to transfer their entire housing stock to a private limited company.
3/4 council tenants who voted, voted NO. This is a massive victory for council house campaigners and has implications across Wales.

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Corporate Media Grooms “Diplomatic Row” Over “Kidnapped” Brit Marines

24-03-2007 17:11

The Brits appear to be guilty of staging “a deliberate provocation” by taunting the Iranians, who are rightfully paranoid of having their cities and populace shock and awed by the neocons.

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Anti-slavery march demands reparations for slave trade

24-03-2007 16:59

This afternoon a group of around thirty anti-slavery protesters marched through Oval en route to Brixton demanding an official apology from the British Government.

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Silvia Cattori interviews von Sponeck

24-03-2007 14:43

Hans von Sponeck: To those who are violating human rights, I would say: You must live with your own guilty conscience, and how can you, in the light of all the evident damage, live with your guilty conscience? ...

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9/11 Lie In Rough Shape

24-03-2007 14:35

Recent media attacks - by people it has since been exposed are employed by the Bush/PNAC Regime - against American celebrities who support an investigation highlight the fear being created by the failure of the cover-up. Please, keep up the pressure.

The most damning fact is that the War Criminals, Profiteers, and LIARS cannot present any hard evidence to support their own Conspiracy Theory, well over five years after the fact. Even their FBI Director admits there is no evidence linking "al Qaeda" to the attacks.

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DISARM DSEi public meeting

24-03-2007 14:30

Saturday 28th April 2007, 2pm
ULU (University of London Union), Malet Street, London WC1E 7HY

Come along and get involved in the campaign to shut down DSEi 2007.

It is likely there will be police photographers outside the meeting. You may wish to wear a scarf in this cold weather.

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Envoy Likens Israeli Policy To Apartheid - UN Opens Permanent Probe

24-03-2007 14:29

The entire UN report can be viewed here:

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Eggs Fail To Recognize Omelette's Right To Exist

24-03-2007 14:25

This is how Israel screws the peace process every time. They insist that Israel be given everything it wants FIRST, then they'll talk about maybe sorta kinda someday giving something back in return, or at least talking about it.

The problem is that Israel has already been offered recognition of their right to exist. All they have to do is recognize Palestine's right to exist. And here we come back to the basic problem. Israel wants for itself that which it refuses to give to others.

Further complicating the problem is that Israel still refuses to draw their borders on a map. Palestine cannot agree to recognize Israel because they cannot know what they are recognizing. If Palestine were to agree to recognize Israel there is nothing to stop Israel from declaring that all of what is now the remains of Palestine is already part of Israel, then Israel would have what it wants, ALL the land, recognition, and no Palestine in existence.

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Boycott of Palestinian Government Crumbles

24-03-2007 14:24

Awareness, or at least acknowledgement is growing, that Israel's Zionist hardliners, and few others, truly object to any "peace process" which might threaten their power.