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George Michael - BBC Wouldn't let me wear anti-war t-shirt

08-03-2003 14:08

George Michael has accused the english television BBC of empeaching his band to wear T-shirts where appears an anti war slogan on prime time music show 'TOP OF THE POPS'.

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Women's Prison Site Sabotaged!

08-03-2003 14:04

Friday march 7 approx. 25 women and men stormed the construction site of Ashford Women's prison in Middlesex as part of an International Women's Day solidarity action with female prisoners.

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08-03-2003 13:42

For the last 20 years we the people of Iraq are suffering from Saddam, USA, and the UK dictatorships. The dirty three have been and they are still partners in destroying Iraq and wiping us using all methods of killing.

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"Nobody Likes War"...

08-03-2003 13:24

...well, almost nobody.

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Gather inTrafalagar Square 6pm on March 18th

08-03-2003 13:13

War will start on the morning of Tuesday the 18th of march so spread the word about the mass gathering in Trafalgar Square on 6pm that evening. Hopefully tens of thousands of people will turn up.

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Lobby of Peter Hain

08-03-2003 13:09

Anti War lobby of Peter Hain

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M6 - Self-Immolation in Prague

08-03-2003 12:38

On March 6th, a nineteen year old boy set fire to himself on Wenceslas Square to show his disagreement with the world political situation.

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International antiproibitionist meeting in Vienna

08-03-2003 11:12

"A world free from proibition: we can do it"
International antiproibitionist meeting for citizenship rights, personal liberties and freedom of therapy

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Fear of a spiral into Depression as job losses mount

08-03-2003 10:49

Dismal sales at Christmas time were propped up by deflationary price cuts, and now the retail sector is among the hardest hit as one third of a million jobs are slashed in February. Not coincidentally, the same rise of the Extreme Right Wing is taking place as was seen during the depression of the 30s, with the same drive to seek relief in aggressive wars of conquest...

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Conspiracy of Silence video, Child sex ring that reached Bush Sr's Whitehouse.

08-03-2003 10:16


This documentary exposed a network of Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies. This video was blocked from the air at the last minute. But here it is.

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Not Just Anti-War, But Anti-Empire

08-03-2003 09:38

What Bush et al are about to unleash is the last anti-colonial war.

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Petition the UN

08-03-2003 08:01

Petition The UN and Pass it oN

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Who Supports President Bush?

08-03-2003 07:58

An article with sources about the current war against Iraq.

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MENORKA la isla de la calma rteserva de la billetera

08-03-2003 07:13

Menorka, con el indice más elevado de suicidio de todo el estado Español, donde Reina Soberana, el "no veo, no oigo, no ablo" tipico de los politicos-mafiosos, sindacalistas-corruptos & sus dirigentes, UGT-CCOO, yo aún pido se traduzca esta DENUNCIA!

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08-03-2003 05:55

Warwickshire Weapons Inspectors, after having been foiled at an earlier inspection attempt, returned (06/03/03) to play 'Block-A-Base' at their local army base D.M.Kineton.

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08-03-2003 05:55

There were many different
factions involved in the ``war of liberation'' in Afghanistan
against the Soviet Union, Rumsfeld said. That included Osama bin
Laden. But he flatly denied that Osama was a creation of the
United States to be used against the Soviet Union, an issue which
has undoubtedly been dogging him ever since the events of 911.

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USA's 30 Years of UN Vetoes

08-03-2003 03:40

Look how the US has Voted // Vetoed- see any Pattern?
1972-2002 Vetoes from the USA

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Call to boycott all trade with the USA, Britain, Australia and their allies.

08-03-2003 03:06

A small peace group from the village of Samford, in Queensland, Australia, in defence of the children of Iraq, has issued a call for a consumer boycott of all goods and services from the United States, Britain, Australia and their allies, should they militarily attack Iraq.

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Top Of The Pops anti-war Censorship!

08-03-2003 02:04

Read this article about what happened about in Top of The Pops regarding what happened to George Michael on the show about the anti-war song. It seem Top of the Pops has now become Top of the Censores after asking George not to wear his T-shirt saying '!NO War!Blair Out' which is reminiscent to what happened in the US about the person been arrested for his T-shirt anti-war message! Tops of the Pops music really sucks and now suck even more for censoring the anti-war movement. Death to Top of the Pops!

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New free anti-militarism poster grpahics online

07-03-2003 23:51

Dedicated to the distribution of antiwar imagery, ideas, and words. All of the imagery on the page is copyright free. Please download and distribute the imagery on this page as widely as possible: Handbills, posters, postcards, stencils, and stickers are suggested uses. .