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George Michael - BBC Wouldn't let me wear anti-war t-shirt

protesta | 08.03.2003 14:08

George Michael has accused the english television BBC of empeaching his band to wear T-shirts where appears an anti war slogan on prime time music show 'TOP OF THE POPS'.

The show, which has be aired yederday night (March 7), features Michael, performing a cover of 'The Grave', a Don McLean's protest song.

'The Grave' is expected to appear on an anti-war album later this year.

The T-shirt, on which is writed 'No War, Blair Out' is worn by the singer's cellists during the performance, but George has been told that all images of the T-shirt will be edited out.

A spokesperson for 'Top Of The Pops' told: "There are BBC guidelines we have to adhere to. We have to be neutral and the shirts were a political statement.

"George was not upset. He sat with the producer afterwards. He was perfectly happy. This has been blown out of proportion."

However, a spokesman for George Michael was commenting: "There was a heated discussion between George and the producers. He wasn't happy about this at all."

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