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Lobby of Peter Hain

Huw Pudner | 08.03.2003 13:09

Anti War lobby of Peter Hain

Around 50 anti war and anti pollution campaigners joined together in a lobby of Peter Hain MP at his Neath constituency office on friday evening.
The lobby was noisy and lively and Hain was taken aback when one questioner asked him if he supported Mandela or Bush.
The anti pollution protestors are opposing a giant power station planning application that Valleys Energy Ltd want to build at nearby Onllwyn.Hain has come out in favour of the Teaxas oil gang and in favour of the big business backed power station proposal...a plant which ,if given the go ahead by the DTI, will burn a mixture of waste oil from America and coal in a fuel called "petcoal".I

Huw Pudner