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Bristol Peace Vigil Film

24-04-2002 10:17

a short film about the ongoing Peace vigil in Bristol city centre

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Pistols re-release Jubilee hit

24-04-2002 08:54

billy bragg is to:-'take down the union jack'

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24-04-2002 07:47


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Nottingham May Day

24-04-2002 06:54

Nottingham May Day Carnival

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Three recent Bristol subverted billboards

24-04-2002 02:39

Three recent Bristol subverted billboards
spray cans out in Bristol... (article 1)

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Ongoing news in Argentina, 23rd April News:

23-04-2002 23:42

Main news in Argentina, 23rd April, 2002:
Important demonstrations in the main capital city. and disturbs in the provinces as the government fails in their first attempt to convert saving accounts money into 10 years bonds (treasury papers).

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100,000 Take to the Streets in D.C. and S.F.-No to Unjust War!

23-04-2002 22:13

A20 Protests say No to Unjust War!, No to Capitalist Globalization!, No to Israeli Occupation!

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DoD Memo: Rumsfeld & Wolfowitz

23-04-2002 22:02

Not entirely accurate, especially about the "Osama Did It" notion, but VERY revealing about Paul Wolfowitz, the Gulf War, and the internal conflicts (dissonance) within The Empire....

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Israel withdraws agreement to let UN team visit Jenin

23-04-2002 21:34

The Israeli government has decided to withdraw its approval for a UN fact-finding mission to visit the devastated West Bank Palestinian refugee camp of Jenin, Israeli public radio reported tonight

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Michael Moore asking questions about 9.11

23-04-2002 20:57

Echoing Rep. Cynthia McKinney of Georgia, and investigators like Mike Ruppert of, Michael Moore spoke in Eugene, Oregon, on Sunday, April 21, about the need for an investigation into the events of 9.11.

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Pope dissing the US Church 4 child abuse

23-04-2002 20:00

Everyone has known for years that roman catholic priests abused little boys,so it's strange how "someone" has suddenly decided to take action, the american press has been right on the case. WHY ? could it be that pressure is being put on the church, to keep it's nose out of on going events ????

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Palestine: 3 more alleged collaborators killed; Tanzim chief assassinated

23-04-2002 17:08

Three bound Palestinians, apparently suspected informers, were found shot to death Tuesday in the same spot where hours earlier Israel killed a local militia leader in a missile attack.

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ganja day line up

23-04-2002 16:57

line up for this years cannabis festival saturday may 4th

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Left-wing anti-semitism

23-04-2002 12:53

Article by Oriana Fallaci, one of Europe's best known journalists and authors. This is a translation of an article published this week in the Italian magazine Panorama (as well as picked up by the daily Corriere della Sera) which is starting to make lots of noise. Fallaci, now aged 71, broke onto the scene in the late ' 60s when she covered Vietnam, the Greek colonels' coup, the the Middle East etc etc. She was then a strong supporter of the Palestinian cause.

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squat demonstration .. barcelona

23-04-2002 12:06

squat demonstration .. barcelona
squat demonstration >>> 20.04.02 >>> gràcia >>> barcelona

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BNP: party of crime and disorder

23-04-2002 11:43

With local elections due on 2 May, the BNP is gearing up for its biggest election challenge and aims to win at least two council seats. BNP fuehrer Nick Griffin has attempted to air-brush over the party's dirty past and make it electable. Now is the time to know exactly who these criminals and social outcasts are ...

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Israeli "peace" dove (cartoon by Latuff)

23-04-2002 11:15

Israeli "peace" dove (cartoon by Latuff)
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle for independence.

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Translation needed

23-04-2002 10:42

Request for help

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Venezuela - the (CIA?) coup that failed. Another US policy triumph?

23-04-2002 10:34

Guatemala 1954, Chile and Allende 1972, Iran and Mossadeq 1954, Cuba and the Bay of Pigs 1961. the Dominican Republic 1962. To that roll of honour should we now add Venezuela and Chavez 2002?