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Pictures #OccupyLSX Day 2 + Assembly

16-10-2011 14:55

Hundreds of people stayed overnight at the Occupy London Stock Exchange protest. This morning the square is buzzing again with more infrastructure being set up and the assembly discussing issues - following on from the key messages announced yesterday. 


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Global day of Action: October 15

16-10-2011 12:55

Inspired by actions in Spain in May this year [15M]where the main squares were occupied, and by the recent uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and Libia. After a global call out, actions have been taking place across the world in; Berlin, Athens, Auckland, Mumbai, Tokyo and Seoul to name a few. Plans were made in over 82 countries, in 950 places, some small, some massive, reports are still filtering in.

In South Africa, about 80 people gathered at the Johannesburg Securities Exchange. In Taiwan, organizers drew several hundred demonstrators, who mostly sat quietly outside the Taipei World Financial Center; Taipei 101. 600 people occupied Ottawa, Canada. In Australia, 800 people gathered in Sydney's central business district. In Brazil the reports have been gathered to one site; Juntos.
While the spotlight is on New York, "occupy" actions are also happening all across the United States, from Ashland, Kentucky to Dallas, Texas to Ketchum, Idaho. Four hundred Iowans marched in Des Moines, Iowa Saturday as part of the day of action. See these reports on local indymedia's; Los Angeles, Boston, New York, and the Occupy Wall Street site.

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Key messages from 1st Asembly of #OccupyLSX

16-10-2011 12:55


Key messages from first general Asembly of Occupy LSX held outside St Pauls cathedral 15October



1) The current system is broken - undemocratic, unjust. We need alternatives. This is where we start working towards them. We will work out further points in the course of the occupation.

2) We are all ethnicities, classes, genders and generations - and we stand together with occupations all over the world.

3) We refuse to pay for the bankers' crisis.

4) We support the strike on 30th November, the student actions on 9th November, and actions to defend the health service, welfare and employment, and to stop wars.

5) We want structural change so the world's resources go to caring for people and for the planet, and not to the military, corporate profits, or the rich.

6) THIS is what democracy looks like.


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From Occupy Stockholm! with love

16-10-2011 11:26

Writing from Sergels Torg, Sotckholm, Sweden. BrunkebergsTorg has been occupied, a square between main offices of Riksbanke and Swedbank and right next to Sergels Torg, a main square.

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General Assembly and Action in Manchester - October 15th

16-10-2011 11:09

Assembly in Piccidally Gardens
Update from Occupy Manchester.

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Israeli Bedouin to speak in Bristol

16-10-2011 10:55

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Occupy Bristol Vidio

16-10-2011 10:55

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Occupy London Stock Exchange

16-10-2011 10:55

'Occupy London Stock Exchange' is unable to gain access the London Stock Exchange and a decision is made to occupy the area in front of St Pauls Cathedral.

The Occupy London Stock Exchange action was barred access to the Stock Exchange and, after a raggle taggle Open Assembly deliberation, the inevitable decision was made to occupy the area around St Pauls Cathedral where the protest had been 'kettled' in and pretty much been unable to move from anyway.

The police then spent most of the action over-containing a peaceful crowd not intent on moving anywhere and enabling the traffic to flow on the surrounding roads. The manner in which the police over react to this and other peaceful public protests is an uncomfortable reminder of how repressive policing has already become in this country, but it is also a more ominous precurser of how nasty policing will get in the next few years as people become more and more affected by the cuts in social provision and working conditions, and the police are necessarily obliged to protect the ruling class' looting spree.

With the complete disregard for the 'rights' to public protest in this country the protest will, in all likelyhood be cleared in the not too distant future., however if the occupation can create a permanent site of discussion and debate then it may well be a great opportunity to move this anti-capitalist movement forward.

Perhaps, as was suggested to me yesterday, setting up multiple smaller (semi)permanent, but regular 'talking/debating occupations' in public areas over London may well be a way forward in bringing ordinary people into the struggle against the suicide capitalists ruling us at present.

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Just been watching the BBC...FAIL

16-10-2011 10:13

They were doing a roundup in St. James

Just giving some outside feedback. Sorry its brutally honest, but better that than mincing words. Sort it out!

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Rome burns as global revolt ignites

16-10-2011 09:30

A WORLDWIDE revolt against capitalism has broken out, with protests taking place all across the world on Saturday October 15.

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Day 2 of Occupy London

16-10-2011 08:55

After a long day on Saturday 15th October, where 5000 people came to the City of London to protest against the greed of the capitalist system and the bail outs of the hedge fund owners and Banks. Across the world in over 80 cities occupations took place in an amazing Global Day of Action showing solidarity of purpose and a determination that change must happen.

[08.15] Around 500 people have stayed over night outside St Pauls in 70/80 tents and under two large tarps. The Right Reverend Graeme Knowles, the Dean of the Catherdral has endorsed the Occupation (what ever that means) In theory the police can't refuse you entry to church for your safety. There will be a general assembly at 12 O'clock. If you are coming down today to show solidarity or to stay, bring warm food and hot drinks for those that have had a cold night.

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Night pics of #occupylsx

16-10-2011 02:55

By the time I left at around midnight there were still 3-400 people there and over 60 tents set up as well as big tarps for shelter.

Next main assembly to be held midday on sunday.

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Evading arrest, Assange attends Occupy London and leaves a cryptic message behin

15-10-2011 23:22

Julian Assange who back in January was handed over the details of over 2000 high profile bank account details that he still hasn't made public.

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#OccupySheffield 15th October Solidarity Protest #15O #ows

15-10-2011 21:04

On 15th October 2011, in solidarity with protests around the globe (see ) activists gathered on the City Hall steps in Sheffield.

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107 livestreams from 15oct all listed

15-10-2011 20:55

stream the revolution!

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Occupy Nottingham

15-10-2011 20:55

Starting from around 3pm today, Nottingham's Market Square has been occupied by a gathering of people aiming "to show that we will no longer tolerate the corporate greed and Government corruption that threatens our way of life and everything we work for". The occupation is a part of, and in solidarity with, the hundreds of other occupations taking place in 82 countries on 15th October. The occupiers have been enjoying coming together in the sunshine, tents have been set up and a megaphone is being passed around for people to communicate their frustrations with the system. At the moment the police are relaxed and are keeping a low profile.

The good weather has meant that the atmosphere has been great - people have been happy sitting in the square, having a drink and socialising. A lot of families were there this afternoon and kids have been having fun playing in the 'real media' box and making placards. It's strange to see the square being used for social rather than commercial purposes - something we need to change in my opinion.

The relaxed atmosphere masks a deeper sense of frustration with the global capitalist system though. Speakers expressed their disgust with the lack of opportunities they find in recession and austerity hit Nottingham. One woman talked about how the council can't keep open homeless hostels, Sure Start and meals on wheels but they can find money for whicker statues for the shopping centre. One man who couldn't find work said "We are sick and tired of having no jobs, no chance of actually doing anything with our lives". Many people emphasised the need to take direct action to get what we need. "We've got a right to be here" said one man "because we've asserted our right to be here."

The police kept a low presence throughout the afternoon, although Notts police's public order man did pop up to chat to people. One man was taken aside and chatted to by coppers for holding a placard saying 'Up your bum'. Apparently, some gay men had taken offence at the negative connotations. Nothing wrong with being up a bum after all!

At one point a quite drunk man heckled speakers shouting "Get a job!" much to the embarrassment of his friend. After his curly '80s mullet was heckled he seemed to forget his anger and was soon happily performing for the crowd on the megaphone :)

One of the participants I spoke to about why he was there said that he was protesting against "the utter injustices going on in the world today on every level". He said he hoped to "start building a community, democratic-based process... where everybody has a valid opinion that counts." "The monetary system is a joke that makes us all slaves..." he said. "It's run, controlled and owned by the business corporations and the huge bankers and we don't really have a say". In conclusion "Capitalism sucks. We want to get rid of it."

Let's hope the occupation keeps going and the process it's a part of helps to build a better, more equal and cooperative community in our city.


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more #occupylondon pics

15-10-2011 20:55

Some impressions