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Evading arrest, Assange attends Occupy London and leaves a cryptic message behin

No.2 Fan | 15.10.2011 23:22 | Occupy Everywhere

Julian Assange who back in January was handed over the details of over 2000 high profile bank account details that he still hasn't made public.

"I ask that all of you demand that foreign bank accounts be opened up and made transparent, the same way that I today have been forced to be made transparent." in response to PC demands of demasking as he entered St. Paul's Sq. donning a Guy Fawkes 'anon' mask.

"People are being ordered to Guantanamo Bay to obey the rule of law, and money is being laundered through the Caymen Islands and London to obey the rule of law."

"This movement is not about the destruction of law, but the construction of law."

“I just wanted to say, we are all individuals.”

Does he no longer have the files? Has a deal been struck with some shadowy Whitehall figure?

No.2 Fan


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  1. In next week's episode.... — twats
  2. thanks — Ashe
  3. It´s only cryptic if you don´t see what the bankers see — jesus mask