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Political Genius: credit where it’s due

20-06-2007 15:39

Few even know her name but she was responsible for the Roman Empire enduring for another fifteen hundred years as a theological empire. Most people and historical texts mistakenly refer to the Roman Emperor Constantine as the person who transformed the militaristic Roman Empire into the Holy Roman Empire, however, he was only a manipulated mommy’s boy.

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Svensson hails "people power" in cat and dog fur victory

20-06-2007 15:30

Speaking after today's vote on banning the trade in dog and fur in the EU, Swedish GUE/NGL MEP and Parliament's rapporteur on the issue, Eva-Britt Svensson, saluted the public pressure generated by the issue and welcomed the overwhelming backing for her report.

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Get an A-rab at a British Demonstration

20-06-2007 15:25

If A-rabs wish to speak at anti-war events around the UK, in relation to events within their countries’, or the wider Middle East but find that every other British based nationality is speaking on your behalf, then A-rabs must comply with the following demands:

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Wireless CCTV Can Be Hidden Inside Clothing

20-06-2007 15:18

Ongoing negotiations between “802 Global” and an unnamed Premier League football club could see Britain’s soccer terraces become a surveillance playground as live pictures can be beamed to a control room where the images will be scanned.

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Gagged! #17 - South Wales Anarchist Newsletter

20-06-2007 15:06

GAGGED! #17 June/July 2007 • funded by donation, advert free & skint / FREE
56.3% voted nobody & G8 summit Chaos
Produced by South Wales Anarchists

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The Record of the Newspaper of Record

20-06-2007 14:25

RINF Alternative News

Dictionaries define “yellow journalism” variously as irresponsible and sensationalist reporting that distorts, exaggerates or misstates the truth. It’s misinformation or agitprop disinformation masquerading as fact to boost circulation and readership or serve a larger purpose like lying for state and corporate interests.

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West London residents halt traffic outside DfT Headquarters

20-06-2007 13:36

West London residents protesting about plans to expand Heathrow dramatically stopped traffic this morning outside the Department for Transport (DfT) offices in Central London before attempting an invasion of the building.

The protestors carried a bed along Marsham Street from the flat of BAA Chief Executive Stephen Nelson (1) to the Department for Transport. In the bed were two figures symbolising the close relationship between BAA and the DfT under the slogan “DfT in bed with BAA”.

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Disco Inferno (the burning og gatecrasher)

20-06-2007 13:18

So it come to pass that on the 8th day Gatecrasher Shall burn..

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Coming Soon to a Mall Near You: Dadullah’s “Suicide Bomber” Grads

20-06-2007 13:16

In short, it appears the groundwork for an attack against either the United States, Europe, or both, is underway, and for the usual reasons—to terrorize the blinkered public into acquiescing to a police state, a project well advanced but in need of a few important flourishes.

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Refugee Week Event in Hackney on Thursday 21st June 2007: Asylum Life

20-06-2007 12:55

Asylum Life. Films for Refugee Week and discussion with directors and people featured in the films, and Guardian journalist Natasha Walter, founder of 'Women for Refugee Women'

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On A Move speaking tour starts in Bradford tomorrow

20-06-2007 11:44

Ramona Africa begins her speaking tour of the UK at Bradford's 1in12 club on Thursday night, at 7.30. Ramona will be visiting around 10 social centres and other venues, talking about the struggles of the MOVE organisation and showing the MOVE documentary film.

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20-06-2007 11:19


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Help Send Books and a Bookmobile to Cuba!

20-06-2007 11:15

The US embargo on trade with Cuba continues. This summer Pastors for Peace will again challenge the blockade with a friendship caravan. A fully stocked bookmobile will accompany it. Before the revolution there were only 32 libraries in Cuba. In 2002 there were 400 public libraries and 6000 school libraries. Cubans are avid readers and life long learners but Cuban librarians struggle to meet their needs under the blockade. We urge you join us in sending books to Cuba!

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Branding, Cleansing and the Olympic Spin Machine

20-06-2007 11:03

Clays Lane;Good luck message to all those who have to move out
(Repost with photos this time) The Olympics all over the world are heavily marketed. The spin surrounding them often hides some ugly truths. This piece attempts peel back the veneer and look at some Olympic realities

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Common Ground Community Garden - EVICTION UPDATE - Resistance successful so far.

20-06-2007 10:48

Common Ground Community Garden, is a self-managed squatted community project in the heart of Reading. The land and surrounding buildings are council owned, and they have tried to obstruct this initiative every step of the way - and thanks to the spirit of the squatters and our neighbours, they have failed every step of the way.

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Gordon Brown should ignore the FT and scrap the Crossrail hole plot...

20-06-2007 10:18

The London FT is this week leading the lobby for globalizing conglomerates who are set to push Gordon Brown into a corner so they can extract the loot of £20 Billion which they can pocket under the guise of the Crossrail hole plot in London. But Gordon Brown must not collude with them and should in fact put a halt to Crossrail now. It has already wasted more than £500million of public money in consultants fees and promotions.

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BNP's Turkish Delight

20-06-2007 09:56

Turkish Delight
Hypocrisy of a BNP candidate from Yorkshire ups ship and moves to Muslim Turkey

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WoW York

20-06-2007 09:03

WoW York is happening.

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Resisting the FIT teams: a proposal for action

19-06-2007 23:58

A proposal to start ending our own repression and to start resisting the actions of the Forward Intelligence Teams.

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Manchester No2ID Diary Dates, June - August 2007

19-06-2007 23:08

Manchester No2ID Logo
Meetings, movies, flyerings and demonstrations!