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Palestine Today 112207

22-11-2007 15:19

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Thursday, November 22nd, 2007.

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Israels only squatted house evicted by police

22-11-2007 15:02

the squat
The Ben Atar squat in Tel Aviv was evicted today by many policemen, undercover detectives and border policemen.

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Genoa G8: Neither forgotten nor forgiven

22-11-2007 14:49

Tens of thousands of Italians traveled to Genoa in November to remind their government and the world that the atrocities committed against anti-G8 protesters six years ago are neither forgotten nor forgiven

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Buy Nothing Day – 24th November 2007

22-11-2007 14:40

The last Saturday of November sees International Buy Nothing Day taking place in many corners of the globe; particularly the affluent corners!

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Happiness and the Self-Growing Seed

22-11-2007 14:28

My theme is long-term happiness, a happiness that remains despite blows of fate, a happiness that survives the ups and downs of life. Jesus describes God's new world or happiness as an interaction event. Happiness arises in our trust that what we do will find an echo.

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The Explosive Identity theft That TNT would like to hide

22-11-2007 13:16

While Ministers will be expected to Resign, the same private companies will continue to mismanged the taxpayers private data. TNT have been awarded many contracts including one for "secure" data transport between - for example - HMRC and the NAO.

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Invitation to next Meeting: "Defend the Harmondsworth 4!"

22-11-2007 12:25

In November 2006 detainees at Harmondsworth immigration detention centre
protested against conditions inside the centre and their treatment by
the guards.

The centre was damaged and the detainees were moved to other detention
centres and prisons.

In previous years there have been defence campaigns following similar
incidences at Campsfield and Yarls Wood.

Please come to help building a powerful campaign.

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Film "The Price of Sugar" Documents Haitian Workers in Bateyes

22-11-2007 12:20

A still from The Price of Sugar
The Price of Sugar is a powerful documentary about the plight of Haitians toiling on sugar plantations in the Dominican Republic. These workers cross the border from Haiti to labor in conditions that the film's central protagonist, Father Christopher Hartley, calls "quasi-slavery." They are housed in sugar company towns called bateyes. Stripped of identification papers, they cannot legally travel elsewhere in the country.

Hartley is a Spanish priest who came to the Dominican Republic in 1997 and wound up advocating for the cane cutters in his parish. The film gives him plenty of time to voice a thorough, articulate critique of the system which exploits the Haitians. Hartley names the superrich Vicini family as controlling the bateyes; the Vicinis have taken legal action against the film to prevent it from being screened.

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London Rising Tide invade the Aviation Emissions Trading Summit 2007.

22-11-2007 11:27

London Rising Tide today gave an award to aviation delegates who were discussing how to make the most of the ETS.

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Don't Trust Hushmail!

22-11-2007 10:39

Activists who use Hushmail, as a "secure" alternative to Gmail or Yahoo need to think again -- although it is still going to keep your email correspondence obscure to your ISP and any spooks listening in at that level, it's NOT secure -- when Hushmail are asked to hand over data they will: "Hushmail provided 12 CDs of emails in June to U.S. officials"

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Suicide Bombers Likely Sane, Paper Says

22-11-2007 04:06

University of Toronto professor argues that political retaliation is the key motivator - not religious zeal

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Social Movements Challenging Neo-liberal Globalization

22-11-2007 03:06

The various campaigns before and after Seattle have resulted in mainly symbolic rather than substantial gains. We can assume that the targeted institutions will react to this challenge by applying a strategy of the stick and the carrot.

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Likelihood of Iran Attack Gains Credence

22-11-2007 02:13

Bowing to US pressure last week, Brown went from virtual silence on the issue, to throwing his full support behind the Conspiracy.

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Olmert's Latest Excuse for Rejecting Peace

22-11-2007 02:12

The hypocrisy and contradiction is mind-boggling.

Where is the media???

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Reminder: Memorial rally for Carlos, Saturday 24th Noon

22-11-2007 00:35

Next Saturday 24th noon at Southbank, at the bottom end of Jubilee Gardens, we´ll gather to honour the memory of Carlos, an antifascist who was killed two weeks ago by a nazi in Madrid.

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GB,Northern Rock:Lord Rees-Mogg's Times of London Lied About Naked Short Selling

22-11-2007 00:34

Dear SEC, I was only beginning to organize my thoughts about the Republican 'Libertarian' Ron Paul's statements re SHO to the SEC,(U.S Securities Exchange Commission),that were only recently posted here. However no sooner was I getting over the shock that Mr.Ron Paul was aiding the fraudulent penny stock naked shorting claim of his well heeled Libertarian pals such as the NTU founder James Dale Davidson, Porter Stansberry,Bill Bonner,,than 'news' came out of England that Northern Rock was a victim of 'naked short selling' as well.

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France: Class Organization of the Workers to Counter The Sabotage of the Union!

21-11-2007 23:55

After the Success of the Demonstrations and Strikes Tuesday,
the Collaborationist Trade-union ‘Leaders” Cynically Manoeuvre to Abort the Struggle.
Today is not yet the return of the proletarian revolution (1), but only the beginning of the real class struggle against the capitalists and their State.

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Immigrant struggles, homeless struggles in France

21-11-2007 19:41

France: immigrants demonstrate against repression.
France: organisation amongst the homeless

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Riot police attack the blockades at Nanterre University

21-11-2007 19:36

An account from one of those at the blockades, with a few minor edits and additions for clarity.