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Fascism in America

28-04-2005 01:31

The American Democracy Charade

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The Democracy Charade

28-04-2005 01:29

Torture and Repression within Britain

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Support Needed thursday 28th London, st. james square

27-04-2005 23:13

thorn in BP's side is still firmly wedged in trees after two days and nights opposite their offices in st. james square, london with gorgeous banner and tree bark for company.

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Manchester Mayday

27-04-2005 21:58

The main event of the day is a mass picnic at 2pm at Plattfields Park. We need people to bring food, instruments, music. hopefully, sunshine will be provided.

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Exploring the “chasm”: A libertarian reply to Celia Hart

27-04-2005 21:10

* Responding to the invitation extended a few days ago from Havana by Celia Hart Santamaria – member of the Cuban Communist Party and daughter of prominent figures of the regime – calling for discussions on leftist alternatives for Cuba’s future, and where she explicitly asks for an anarchist opinion, the Cuban Libertarian Movement makes public its proposals for the debate.

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LONDON BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: Must read for disabled

27-04-2005 20:09

Greetings from England. This is not about Queensland or children but I’ve been asked to put it here by an Aussie friend, a good friend and just about the only one I’ve got right now. Yes, it’s how to be a non-person! You only have to upset very, very, very important people. Prime Ministers, for instance. Of course I have no proof. You think Mr Blair is stupid or something?

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Howard's election pledge on gays goes bust

27-04-2005 19:28

An advisor to Tory leader M.Howard,standing in Dewsbury uses anti-gay sentiments in her election literature.
(M.Howard signed up to gay lobby group Stonewall's pledge that no-one in his party would use anti -gay lit in this election.) Now, shown to be worthless (not unexpected really)

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27-04-2005 19:25

NOTTING HILL HOUSING TRUST - abuse of tenants continues

Why does the well paid newly appointed Chief Executive not take any action concerning all the very many complaints from tenants of the trust.

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C4News gets Goldsmith's war advice.

27-04-2005 19:03

Channel 4 News has obtained a copy of the Attorney General's 'Iraq war' advice (summary).

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Garden City Social - DISSENT! benefit, Thurs May 5th

27-04-2005 18:48

Garden City
8pm Thursday 5th May
Kings Arms, Bloom Street, Salford
Digging not voting!

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Social Justice and Social Policy

27-04-2005 17:51

We run the risk of making economic success absolute. However economic success is a means to an end.. Economic success is only legitimate when it improves the living conditions of citizens..The social foundations of democracy fade when poverty, unemployment and social insecurity grow.

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Let's share together

27-04-2005 15:55

the hopeful expansion of lets.

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USAID: Making the world hungry for GM crops

27-04-2005 15:50

USAID: imposing GMOs around the world
GRAIN examines how the US government uses USAID to actively promote GM agriculture. The focus is on USAID's major programmes for agricultural biotechnology and the regions where these programmes are most active in parts of Africa and Asia[1]. These USAID programmes are part of a multi-pronged strategy to advance US interests with GM crops.

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(UK) Help Stop Lambs to Slaughter

27-04-2005 15:39

A classic case of being born in the wrong place at the wrong time. Two healthy new born Lambs are to be slaughtered "just because they were there" and for what? petfood? Still time to save them and make DEFRA look at this law in more depth.

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Max hastings longs for direct activism...!?)

27-04-2005 14:48

establishment journo Max Hastings has a column in The grauniad bemoaning the lack of radical activism from the young.
Sad git just cant bring himself to acknowledge what's been going on right under his nose on the anti capitalist front etc...

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Keys for Sedgefield. Dump Blair

27-04-2005 14:20

The best candidate opposing Blair.

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What's New in Afghanistan

27-04-2005 14:09

Up date from on the ground in Afghanistan. Articles attached for more detailed information

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Internatinal Workers Day demonstration - Oxford

27-04-2005 14:07

Protest against governments war on Iraq and pensions in Oxford May 2nd

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BP treesit goes into second night of occupation - get down there now!

27-04-2005 13:37

A lone climber from London Rising Tide is spending Wed night up a tree opposite BP - we need people outside the BP office, 1 St. James' Square, through the day, evening and night even.

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Abu Ghraib prisoner seeks justice one year after scandal

27-04-2005 12:16

BAGHDAD — Ali Al Shalal, nicknamed “clawman” by his US guards, said they attached electrodes to his body and tortured him at the height of the abuse scandal at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison.