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Call for protesters to defend Sussex woodland

19-05-2002 13:55

A mass protest against the proposed destruction of ancient woodland off Titnore Lane, Worthing, is being held at 2pm on Sunday May 26.

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Lets hav a protest for Kashmir and Gujarat

19-05-2002 13:44

What about the genocide in kashmir and Gujarat, lets bloody protest about it, leftists and anti-capitalists need to take these issues on as well as Palestine.

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Madrid: updates: May 17-19

19-05-2002 13:35

Updates from La Haine:
Hit the streets!
19M::: Demonstration against represion and capitalist globalization. 12h, Atocha.
19M::: Demonstration against represion and capitalist globalization. 12h, Atocha.
17M::: "Reclaim the streets". 19h, Plaza (square) Jacinto Benavente.

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Latest News from Madrid (english)

19-05-2002 12:55

May 19 - March against capitalist globalisation and repression

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Dan Rather on Newsnight

19-05-2002 12:33

I'm dissappointed that there has not been much comment about Dan Rather's 'coming out'. I am not surprised that the mainstream media has done its best to bury it, but I am feeling that I dreamt the whole piece that I saw on Newsnight during the week as I haven't seen any mention of it anywhere.

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Shaylers opionion of 'Spooks'

19-05-2002 12:09


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Huntingdon Life Sciences: That sinking feeling...

19-05-2002 12:06

Huntingdon Life Sciences has been thrown off the guest list of high profile conference, to take place on board the cruise ship Aurora.

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ÊÞÑíÑ ÝíäíßÓ (arabic)

19-05-2002 11:31

What if, contrarily to the pretensions of the FBI boss, the Phoenix report might have led the investigators to some track ?

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Pics from Palestine demo

19-05-2002 09:00

Pics from Palestine demo
A couple of pics I got yesterday. (article 1)

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GM crop protesters to be silenced

19-05-2002 07:25

Posted by Fustis

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Funny pickture of a police motorbike sinking

19-05-2002 00:52

Little piggy runs his motorbike into quicksand!
Really funny pickture

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18-05-2002 23:16

The World Indymedia Centre is parroting Big Brother's media agenda to incite a calculated response and no-one can comment on it or refute it. It is no better than a tabloid spin machine, if no independant comment can be included.

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Thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators march in London

18-05-2002 23:01

LONDON - Thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators marched through central London Saturday calling for peace in the Middle East and an end to Israel's military action in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

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"Tearing the Heart Out of OurCommunity"

18-05-2002 19:50

Local school threatened with closure

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18-05-2002 19:36

PALISTINE DEMO (article 1)

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18-05-2002 18:28

Doctor's account of being refused entry to Israel to provide emergency relief in the occupied territories.

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Anti-Capitalist Bloc and the Palestine Demo

18-05-2002 18:21

The turn out for the anti-capitalist bloc in support of the Palestinian struggle was much better today than on the demo last month.

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Anti-Capitalism or State Capitalism?

18-05-2002 17:43

A discussion of the state capitalist nature of Bolshevism
and why it is not anti-capitalist.