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29-06-2003 08:18

During the early hours of Sunday morning, 29 June, sixty members of the public entered the grounds of Syngenta's Jealott's Hill Research Centre near Bracknell, Berkshire and decontaminated a Research and Development trial of Genetically Modified Wheat 1[1] by pulling up the 35 by 40 meter plot.

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Comment on Tommy Sheridan statement

29-06-2003 01:28

Several weeks ago, Scottish Socialist Party MSP Tommy Sheridan gave a long interview in which, among other things, he said that his goal was a Scotland that would be attractive to big business investment. The following letter (from Labor's Militant Voice, USA) expresses concern over this and where it could be leading. Alan McCombes of the International Socialist Movement and the SSP has replied to this note. His reply follows on this thread.

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Thessaloniki Prisoners Solidarity Benefit gig

28-06-2003 23:50

Thessaloniki Prisoners Solidarity Benefit Gig.
Friday 4th July.

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EasyJet Subvert - Do It Yourself!

28-06-2003 23:19

Altered EasyJet Ad
Have you seen this ad from EasyJet- a two-foot picture of a pair of breasts with the tag-line 'Discover Weapons of Mass Distraction'? We found that the ad was dehumanising and patriarchal, not to mention inane, and contributed nothing to the cultural or esthetic character of our community. So we altered it, and so can you! Write your own rant to paste over the ad or download the ready-made .rtf file!

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28-06-2003 19:44

The following list of seriously warped twisted evil companies will be exhibiting at the DSEi in London from 9th Sept until 12th.

Is that really acceptable to you???

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Franklin coverup video online Child Sex ring in Bush Sr. Whitehouse

28-06-2003 18:07

The government censored, discovery channel documentary called "Conspiracy of Silence" about the Child Sex ring that ran all the way to the Bush/Reagan whitehouse is now online in 100k windows media format. Also related documents and links. Please pass the word.

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Make trade fair

28-06-2003 16:47

Make trade fair
24 hours for trade justice, 27-28 June 2003

The Trade Justice Movement’s major event happened this morning from 10am till about 12.30
At Oxford Town Hall
Trade Justice event supported by Oxfam, Christian Aid
and WDM

Andrew Smith, MP for East Oxford, came and discussed trade issues in an open meeting with people from his constituency. Antiwar activists protested outside due to his pro war stance and a refusal to engage in a public debate about the war. Evan Harris also came and talked with his constituency.

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The Prisoner of Zion and the Secret of Bassam Abu Sharif

28-06-2003 15:45

Columbus Circle nyc Pro-Israel Day Parade June 1, 2003
The selective intelligence game works well with the collaboration of the existing mainstream media.

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Rainbow Warrior held after peaceful protest

28-06-2003 15:23

Authorities in Valencia, Spain have detained the Greenpeace flagship after a non-violent, peaceful protest against the importation of illegal and destructive timber over ten days ago. The Spanish Government has demanded a bond of Euro 300,000 in exchange for the ship's freedom.

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Fair trade is related to the War

28-06-2003 15:20

The policies that the Bush government promotes in the IMF, World Bank and trade organisations through the WTO are designed to foster and increase injustice, in the direct interests of US big-business.

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Rainbow Warrior held to ransom by Spanish authorities!

28-06-2003 15:11

Rainbow Warrior held after peaceful protest. Authorities in Valencia, Spain have detained the Greenpeace flagship after a non-violent, peaceful protest against the importation of illegal and destructive timber over ten days ago. The Spanish Government has demanded a bond of Euro 300,000 in exchange for the ship's freedom.

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Gate Crashers' Ball at Menwith Hill - 4th July

28-06-2003 14:42


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Thessaloniki prisoner's demo latest

28-06-2003 14:07

MORE from Greek embassy.

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Senior Iraqi Muslim Cleric officially orders death to jews who buy property

28-06-2003 14:05

Those lovable, cuddly senior muslim clerics in Iraq have officially ordered death to any jews who attempt to buy property in Iraq

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[DSEi] Globalise Resistance Communique

28-06-2003 13:57

Globalise Resistance are now affiliated to the Disarm DSEi campaign against Europe's biggest arms fair which takes place 9th till 12th September this year. Our main protest will be on the 9th along with the Campaign Against the Arms Trade and plenty of other people.

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Prisoner's demo 1st report

28-06-2003 13:06


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Iraqi War Memorial

28-06-2003 13:06

A War memorial for all the innocent victims of the War on iraq, 20 March 2003 is planned for central Oxford and there are petitions at the Quaker centre, Magic Cafe, Uhuru asking for this.

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Anarchist Youth Network Gathering 25-27 July

28-06-2003 11:59

Coming up is the annual AYN Summer Gathering!
This year it is taking place from Friday evening, 25th to Sunday morning 27th July.

Hosted by London Anarchist Youth it will take place near central London and will consist of a bunch of social events, organising meetings, discussion, workshops, filmshowings etc.

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Another US soldier killed in Iraq

28-06-2003 10:50

Further Iraqi attacks on US troops lead to one US soldier killed and four wounded in a "disquieting drumbeat of guerrilla-style attacks". An Iraqi boy was killed by American soldiers who mistook him for a gunman. American officials admit that the attacks are hampering "reconstruction".

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Human Rights Abuses under Mental Health Act

28-06-2003 10:46

London artist and media activist beaten up, sexually assaulted and detained in hospital in Lambeth under Section 3 of the Mental Health Act since 4th June.