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Thessaloniki prisoner's demo latest

IMC Londoner | 28.06.2003 14:07 | Thessaloniki EU | London

MORE from Greek embassy.

There are now around 30 individuals demonstrating at the Greek Embassy.Roughly 60 Police are also in attendance. One of those in charge (FIT-TEAM U 5042) who refused to give his name, has decided not recognise the press card of an accredited journalist and she and others are being held in a pen. This is in direct contravention with assurances given to the NUJ by a very senior MET officer at a recent meeting.
Despite the demonstrators compliance the Police have been shoving people around including a pregnant woman (HX 962). They are also telling the demonstrators that sitting in park could lead to a breach of the peace.
Having made their point the demo is expected to finish soon.

IMC Londoner