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McDonalds Subvertisment

04-06-2005 17:33


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Fight Poverty Not War Rally in Swansea

04-06-2005 17:06

The Swansea Coalition Against The War has organised a public rally in Swansea on friday the 17th June.Be there!

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New 9/11 truth campaign group luanched

04-06-2005 16:38

A new 9/11 truth campaign group has recently been launched calling for a new inquiry into the September 11th attacks of 2001

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Undercover journalist uncovered at DISSENT! meeting!

04-06-2005 16:27

Just so you don't think we can't spot journalists at our meetings. Today a women known as "Fiona" was confronted by ppl from London who had seen her at the Nottingham DISSENT! gathering and suspected her of being an undercover journalist.

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Bob the martyr

04-06-2005 15:27

Does Geldof want to make poverty History or,
Does Geldof want to make poverty His story?

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Bolivia protest in pictures (warning--large images!)

04-06-2005 15:17

Some pictures of recent protests in Bolivia.

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Show Your Films At Portobello Film Festival

04-06-2005 14:15

The Portobello Film Festival runs from 30 July to 21st August

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Refugee Week

04-06-2005 13:41

With the stigmatisation of refugees and asylum seekers since 9/11 it is important to support this and inform the public of what life is really like for refugees when they are not living in castles supplied by the state.

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Wednesday to be EDO demo day

04-06-2005 13:31

Noise demos outside the factory of Brighton arms dealers EDO/MBM will now be taking place every Wednesday from 4-6. We will meet at the bottom of Home Farm Road and march up to EDO together.

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The European Union is a dishonest disaster

04-06-2005 12:22

They promised us a 'Great Europe' without borders, and without passports: the reality is that we now in the Netherlands live in an 'Apartheid state', where we like earlier in South Africa can get fined and even arrested when we leave our house without an ID card...

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The American Demise

04-06-2005 10:00

As the war drums of the Bush Administration drone into background noise, a growing number across the globe turn their eyes to the USA itself. The view becomes a prelude to the upcoming horror feature of this planets history - the Day America Turns on Herself!

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Watergate: a trivial misdemeanour

04-06-2005 08:17

The identity of “Deep Throat”, the insider source who blew the whistle on the Watergate affair, was revealed earlier this week.

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Scientific American's Dishonest Attack On 911Research

03-06-2005 22:56

moments before collapse
Shermer uses an array of deceptive methods to persuade the reader that challenges to the official story of the 9/11 attack are worthy only of ridicule and should not be scrutinized. His primary technique is to use hoaxes and unscientific ideas -- long promoted on the web and in videos -- to bracket the valid ideas that he seeks to shield the reader from. That Shermer went to such great lengths to thoroughly misrepresent the painstaking, scientific, evidence-based work of 911Research is a testament to the site's success.

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Your saturday night sorted

03-06-2005 21:39

Benefit event at the rampART this saturday 4.6.'05 for the one year anniversary of the arrests in Guadalajara in mexico by the London Zapatista Support group with Live music food and drink.

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G8 film extravaganza london

03-06-2005 20:37

london rising tide presents a night of free films about G8 mobilisations past and present

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ANTI-G8 benefit Gig in Sheffield June 12th

03-06-2005 19:14

An anti-G8 benefit gig featuring live bands, Beyond TV, TrolleyD Soundsystem. All money made will go towards anti-G8 actions in Sheffield and Scotland.

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One Struggle, One Fight: SHAC 7 and the Future of Dissent

03-06-2005 18:35

Why the US and UK governments' war on Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty threatens all dissent, and what others should be learning from the SHAC campaign.

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03-06-2005 16:58

fight poverty not wars...meeting in Swansea

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Simon Jones Memorial Campaign DVD (with George Galloway+actions) now available

03-06-2005 16:04

"No matter how many times I see it, this video remains one of the most powerful pieces of film-making I've ever seen" Libby Brooks, The Guardian

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Mc Libel to be shown on BBC2, Sunday 5th of june,

03-06-2005 15:26

Mc Libel is to be shown on BBC2 on Sunday 5th of June, 10.30 - 11.55 pm.