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EDO Carnivalistas appeal Continues - Please Support

19-10-2009 22:03

Appeal of two people arrested during the Carnival Against the Arms Trade (see -

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Another uprising at Pagani Concentration Camp... An appeal from Chios.

19-10-2009 22:01

3pm today migrants burnt two cells. 900 people are being held, including minors. One 12 year old doesn't want to leave his father, and so he is still held, despite an offer to release (abandon?) him on his own!
Fire brigade called, riot police attack, 6 migrants hospitalised by MAT, 2 more have received no medical care. One migrant incarcerated 4 months...

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Charter flight UK/ France to Afghanistan tomorrow 20 Oct

19-10-2009 21:58

Departure of a anglo-french charter has been programmed this tuesday 20th october in the evening after a step in Lille-Lesquin, said a Cimade's responsible. Police has confirmed this information. This plane will be the first since 2005.

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Opposition calls 20 October Boycott in Niger

19-10-2009 21:32

Statement of the opposition gathering of October 17, 2009, by The Coordination of Democratic Forces for the Republic (CFDR) of Niger.

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NPC MASS Rally For Decent Pay, Decent Pensions, Decent Public Services

19-10-2009 21:13

Roger McKenzie WMTUC
National Pensioners Convension supported by Birmingham Trade Unions rally against the Proposed Cuts 17th October 09

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ITALY-Japan- Delfo Zorzi Connection

19-10-2009 17:16

Delfo Zorzi
The former black terrorist (i.e. Piazza Fontana and Piazza della Loggia bombing) fugitive in Japan doing business in Italy. Through a network of companies and shops in Milan, Rome and the Veneto. With many shadows and turns of suspect funds

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Palestine Today 101909

19-10-2009 17:04

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Monday October 19th 2009.

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Resistance, Journal of the Earth Liberation Movement to Hit Store Shelves Today

19-10-2009 17:03

Resistance Magazine was created as a vehicle to inform, inspire, and energize the earth liberation movement. Humans have pushed the earth to the brink of catastrophe and each day that passes brings us one step closer to a planet that can no longer sustain life.

The question has now become not what we can do, but what we must do; not what we are comfortable with, but what we are fully capable of; not what is convenient, but what is completely necessary to stop the destruction of our home.

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Iraq deportation protest in Parliament Sq

19-10-2009 15:41

Anti-deportation campaigners gathered in Parliament Square, London, on Saturday, 17th October, to protest against the first (failed) mass deportation flight to Baghdad.

The demonstration, called by the Stop Deportation Network and the International Federation of Iraqi Refugee, saw protesters holding banners and placards and shouting slogans against forcible deportation in general and to a war zone like Iraq in particular.

Speakers, including veteran anti-war protester Brian Haw, denounced the British government's hypocrisy and its role in creating the Iraqi refugee crisis through its involvement in the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Two deportees, who had been returned to Brook House detention centre after the flight was turned away at Baghdad airport by the Iraqi authorities, also spoke on the phone and told protesters, via a megaphone, of the violence and mistreatment they had experienced during the deportation at the hands of immigration officers and private security guards.

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Mass demonstration against the war in Afghanistan this Saturday

19-10-2009 15:19

There will be a mass demonstration against the ongoing war in Afghanistan this Saturday the 24th of October starting at Hyde Park, Marble Arch end 12noon and then marching to Trafalgar Square for a mass rally.

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Vigil for 'the Casablanca 7'

19-10-2009 14:06

Campaigners will gather tonight in Camden Lock to hold a candle-lit vigil for seven Saharawi human rights campaigners 'disappeared' in Morocco.

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Ask Cambridge Shops to take Zippos Circus Posters Down!

19-10-2009 13:00

Letter to give to shops with Zippos posters in the window!

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Is the BBC right to give BNP leader Nick Griffin a platform on Question Time?

19-10-2009 12:12

There's an online poll which you can be sure all the bnp supporters and those with poorly argued free-speech lines will be clicking on. Maybe worth a click?

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Do not deport Sheida Jahanbin!

19-10-2009 12:03

Sheida Jahanbin, a former member of the Freedom and Equality Seeking Students in Iran, is facing deportation from the Netherlands where she resides in exile. Sheida is twenty seven years old. She was a student of Architecture and Graphic Design at the Azad University of Tehran before she was forced to abandon her studies and flee Iran following her arrest for holding a left-wing meeting. Before she left Iran she had a promising career in journalism writing for Tose’e Newspaper, Azma Magazine and Fekre Rooz journal. If Sheida is deported, she will face arrest, prison, torture and even death.

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Athens, today!

19-10-2009 11:57

Nikai: Free Our Comrades! Town Hall occupied, and left (last night, apparently) and University Head has offices occupied too, in time for lunch today!
Talk too of stuff happening at the National Students' Union.

Separately in the suburb of Halandri, a school is still occupied by the students, even after an attack by the far right.

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Burin burning

19-10-2009 11:54

Issam with the remains of his car
Farming in the villages around Nablus has become a perilous task of late. Each year vandals from nearby settlements plague the olive farmers, destroying their trees and attacking workers. In the village of Burin, we saw evidence of a more sinister trend.

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Royal Mail strike breakers!

19-10-2009 11:48

Royal Mail is attempting to break the strikes!

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urgent blanket appeal for calais

19-10-2009 11:13

Please forward this to people you think may be able to help, the situation in Calais has deterioated rapidly and friends there have written this urgent appeal for humanitarian assistance.