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Burin burning

Palestine Monitor/Kieron Monks | 19.10.2009 11:54 | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | Palestine | World

Farming in the villages around Nablus has become a perilous task of late. Each year vandals from nearby settlements plague the olive farmers, destroying their trees and attacking workers. In the village of Burin, we saw evidence of a more sinister trend.

Issam with the remains of his car
Issam with the remains of his car

Issam Shedahah, 39, is a long time resident of Burin and it has cost him dear. We are looking at the burnt out husk of his car, torched the previous night by the settlers of Itzhar. “This is the fourth time they have burnt my car”, he tells us, “now it is very common that they come into the village at night”. Neither does Issam’s suffering end with material damage. Another recent settler invasion resulted in the murder of his brother.

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