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Interview: New British Mumia Documentary Debuts Oct.25

24-10-2007 14:54

In Prison My Whole Life
The new British documentary about death-row journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal, "In Prison My Whole Life," premieres on October 25 at both The Times BFI 51st London Film Festival and Rome's International Film Festival. With the acclaimed British actor Colin Firth as an executive producer, "In Prison My Whole Life" is directed by Marc Evans and produced by Livia Firth and Nick Goodwin Self. The film has interviews with such figures as Alice Walker, Angela Davis, Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, Ramona Africa, and musicians Mos Def, Snoop Dogg and Steve Earle.

In this exclusive interview on the eve of the film's premiere, Francome discloses for the very first time, one of the film's biggest surprises: The film will prominently feature the startling Dec. 9, 1981 crime scene photos that were recently discovered by German author Michael Schiffmann, and are published in his new book.

One of Polakoff's photos will be published for the first time in the US, in this week's issue of The San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper, which has previously reported on Abu-Jamal's case.

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As Turkey-Iraq crisis escalates, US plans military strikes on PKK bases

24-10-2007 14:31

With the Turkish military poised to strike the guerrilla bases of the separatist Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in northern Iraq, Washington and London are engaged in frantic diplomatic activity to prevent a Turkish intervention that would further destabilise the US occupation of Iraq. However, as the Chicago Tribune reported yesterday, the Bush administration is also drawing up plans for military attacks on the PKK, either by US forces or jointly with the Turkish army.

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Animal abuse as Art

24-10-2007 14:21

'This is one of those things you come across and just have to blink a couple times and ask, “is this real?”. In fact it is'

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Aussie Film Maker Puts It All On The Line For Tibet

24-10-2007 14:13

Lara Damiani with Tibetans at Drigung Tel Monastery in July
The Dalai Lama recently said to film maker Lara Damiani during his tour to Australia that time is running out for Tibet. This Aussie film maker has put it all on the line to make her documentary to spread the message that it's time for the world to take action for Tibet before it's too late.

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Oppose Anti-Islam demo in London, this Friday

24-10-2007 13:11


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Genoa G8: 225 years of jail asked for 25 ppl

24-10-2007 12:51

Oct 2007 - Updates on Genoa Court Case
The prosecutors ask 225 years of jail for 25 protestors

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Statue of racist imperialist Lloyd George to be unveiled Thurs 25th

24-10-2007 11:43

At 2pm on Thursday 25th October, a new statue of the former British Prime Minister Lloyd George will be unveiled in Parliament Square ( This would be an excellent opportunity for activists to educate the public about some of the grim realities of Britain’s imperial past, and to draw out some of the connections between that past and Britain’s current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Demonstration - Tesco Turtle Slaughter, Liverpool

24-10-2007 11:23

A leafleting event has been organised by Merseyside Animal Rights on behalf of Care for the Wild International outside the lecture theatre where Tesco's CEO Sir Terence Leahy will be speaking about the economic benefits of operating in China.

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Audio - History of the Anarchist Bookfair

24-10-2007 11:01

Here is an audio segment that was made to promote the 2005 anarchist bookfair on rampART radio and other online radical radio streams. Obviously ignore the date and venue given out as this years bookfair is this Saturday 27th Oct, 10am till 7pm at Queen Mary University on Mile End Road, close to Mile End and Stepney Green Tubes.

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Crown Colludes With EDO MBM Lies In High Court

24-10-2007 10:50

New information released under Freedom of Information Act shows how the Government assisted Brighton arms company EDO MBM's lies to the High Court in November 2005.

The Attorney General’s senior barrister provided at the time what appeared to be official confirmation of the company’s statements that it had never supplied Israel with military components, but this confirmation was nothing but an uncritical acceptance of the company's own argument without any evidence.

In this way the Crown colluded with the company to keep EDO's arms sales to Israel secret, and protect the comapny from a US Government legal action.

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Manchester NO2ID November Newsletter

24-10-2007 10:00

Manchester NO2ID Logo
Recent news, upcoming events and ongoing campaigns

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Novelist Jeanette Winterson is a racist fraud trying to mine Spitalfields

24-10-2007 09:43

Novelist Jeanette Winterson latest novel attempts to hide her behaviour in Spitalfields. The author now claims she moved into an area riddled with rats even though her crap shop and her place was near a thriving fruit and vegetable market which she helped to destroy. At the time of the Spitalfields Market campaign, the wrinkly author told campaigners that a City development would help lift property prices in the area and she thought it was a good idea. For a short time, the market had organic fruit and vegetable traders who have almost been turfed out, she opened up fruit and vegetable shop called Verde - where stupid wealthy English people can buy crap food that is expensive.

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Noon Today: China/Burma Embassy Protest

24-10-2007 07:47

Now that Burma is no longer in the newspapers every day, we need to make
sure the world does not forget what has happened, and that pressure on the
regime continues to grow. Every day more activists are being arrested, many will face torture.

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Something for the weekend

24-10-2007 02:36

Video Video
This saturday is set to be a busy one for activists in London with both the 9th annual remembrance procession against deaths in custody and the 27th Anarchist Bookfair.

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Pre-emptive Peace Strike: "Don't Attack Iran" (on Saturday 27th October)

24-10-2007 00:40

Regular grass roots meetings for support and communication, working towards collective international 'peace strikes' in the event of military attacks on Iran.

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TUC Work in Freedom Conference

24-10-2007 00:25

A TUC conference to commemorate bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade
Contribuitions at the conference will be made by speakers from Africa, American and the Caribbean and the UK. A number of workshops will be organised on:Captialism, Slavery & Abolition; Slavery, legacy and Education; Forced Labour and the Olympics; Black Women & Slavery; Forced labour & Domestic Workers; and · Trafficking

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Crash space for the bookfair

23-10-2007 23:20

Those coming from out of town for the anarchist bookfair are invited to crash at the rampART social centre from Friday evening till Sunday (or longer by prior arrangement). Bring a warm sleeping bag as it's got pretty drafty recently. Be aware that you won't get an early night Saturday due to the noborders/rampart benefit after the bookfair (details below). Rampart is a short bus ride or tube journey to the new bookfair venue. It takes about 10/15 minutes by bus, train or bike, 25 minutes to walk.

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Campaign website against CCTV on Cowley Road

23-10-2007 22:26

A campaigning website against the proposed CCTV scheme for the Cowley Road has been set up at

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Balochistan : Pakistani Army trying to control Balochistan through force

23-10-2007 22:15

*ICG Report says army useing JUI-F to counter secular Baloch, Pashtun forces
* Stresses ‘army losing campaign to win hearts and minds’