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Demonstration - Tesco Turtle Slaughter, Liverpool

Care for the Wild International | 24.10.2007 11:23 | Animal Liberation | Ecology | Globalisation | Liverpool

A leafleting event has been organised by Merseyside Animal Rights on behalf of Care for the Wild International outside the lecture theatre where Tesco's CEO Sir Terence Leahy will be speaking about the economic benefits of operating in China.

Tesco are butchering turtles on their counters in beijing and allowing customers to take the animals home ALIVE for boiling, mutilation and dismembering.

Sir Terence Leahy has so far ignored the hundreds of letters he has recieved, so please take this perfect opportunity to express to him your disgust at Tescos barbaric practices in China.

This is an issue that is definitely NOT 'out of sight out of mind' ...

Here are the details:

Meet at 16:30 - 19:00 on Tuesday, 30 October 2007 at St George’s Hall, William Brown Street, (Access through the south entrance via the Heritage Centre on St George’s Place), Liverpool.

Posters, banners and leaflets will be available at the event.

If you cannot make the demo, please take 5 minutes to write:

Sir. Terency Leahy
CEO Tesco
Tesco House
PO Box 44
Delamare Road
Telephone: (01992) 646790 or (0845) 6004411

For further information about CWI's campaign to stop Tesco selling turtles, see

Thank you!

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