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Heritage Lottery Funded Tree Destruction Kings Lynn The Walks

07-10-2004 10:14

Update on struggle to save 'heritage' trees and wildlife habitats at historic King's Lynn park - The Walks.

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Join the East Oxford Community Association!

07-10-2004 09:08

There has recently been a lot of debate on oxford indymedia about the East Oxford Community Centre kitchen extension. In one comment, one contributor appealed for people to join the Community Association to have a say on how it is run. Here is the membership form, and the invitation letter from EOCA secretary, Cathy Spiers. I enclose it as a pdf and as a jpg picture, for those who don't have Adobe Acrobat.

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M$ Windows XP Professional Bugging Device?

07-10-2004 04:33

A hypothesis that Microsoft's Windows XP is a complex variation of a bugging device.

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Breaking News - US North West Social Forum Collapses!!!!!!!!!!!

07-10-2004 01:30

The US NorthWest Social Forum planned for the same time as the ESF in London has collapsed as several groups pulled out of the process citing problems over the organising process including accountability, failure to adhere to charters and values, and margianalisation of grassroots groups.

Here are the statements from

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HR 10 - 3rd Reich White Elephant

07-10-2004 00:44

HR 10 - 3rd Reich White Elephant

The 3rd Reich is at it again. Another 'bogus' defense contract. This is just Big Brother.

No way hozay!

Terrorists come into a country with their own equipment, normally by sea. This is just aimed at US citizens, exclusivly.

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Business, National Defence And Terrorism Do Not Mix

07-10-2004 00:08

This is an updated article that prompted the resignation of the US Cyber-Security Chief.

Headlines on and

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Hacktivism - 27,000 Identified Targets

06-10-2004 23:31

A US consortium has been monitored for a number of years, manipulating democracy, and organising genocidal campaigns to boost sales of a range of products. 27,000 people have been identified and extensive background information gathered and distributed globally, for world-wide defence.

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Building Bridges Radio - Why Do We Need a Million Workers March?

06-10-2004 22:58

Building Bridges Radio pressents this 26.5 minute radio program. TO LISTEN CLICK ON WEB ADDRESS LINK BELOW

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Samarra then (2001) and now.

06-10-2004 22:30

Map of Iraq showing Samarra.
This is a short account with photos of Samarra during my visit in 2001 and how it appears to be now under US bombardment.

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Telling It Like It Is - America Under Attack

06-10-2004 22:26

Telling It Like It Is - America Under Attack

Various neo-nazi tactics in US

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Former German Defense Minister Confirms CIA Involvement in 9/11

06-10-2004 22:18

Former German Defense Minister Confirms CIA Involvement in 9/11

More on Bush's neo-nazi connections

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Recycling matters in Sheffield

06-10-2004 21:50

This evening saw a celebration of Burngreave’s new
Recycling Information Bureau and online database.

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The Corporation.

06-10-2004 21:35

A few surprising facts about the modern corporation.

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Election in Afghanistan

06-10-2004 21:32

Widespread intimidation of women and general insecurity in Afghanistan threaten women’s right to vote freely in the October 9 presidential elections, stand for political office and fully participate in public life.

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HALLIBURTON DOWN UNDER Broadcast Transcript (Australian Dateline)

06-10-2004 21:07

Halliburton's Australian no-bid defence contracts,local infrastructure involvement televised in Oz for the first time

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Response to Blair's Speech

06-10-2004 21:07

Response to Blair's Speech

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Western Sahara - still illegally occupied after almost 30 years

06-10-2004 19:34

Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford

Invites you to a seminar entitled

'The Saharawi refugee camps: death and stagnation in no man's land' by Fatima Mahfud.

1-2pm on Thursday 14 October 2004

Blackhall Seminar Room, Queen Elizabeth House
21 St Giles, Oxford

All Welcome

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Anti-GM - Guide to ESF meetings

06-10-2004 19:06

Here are 22 meetings out of the hundreds that will be of interest to Anti-GM campaigners at the ESF.

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Israel does NOT want palestinian state

06-10-2004 19:05

In the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz Sharon's political senior advisor Dov Weisglass has publicly said for the first time that an Independant Palestinian State is out of the question.

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Video: US Pilots Celebrate as They Kill Civilians

06-10-2004 18:20

"Take them out, dude": pilots toast hit on Iraqi 'civilians'.