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Homophobia in Poland: protest outside the Polish embassy

30-04-2007 14:00

Human Rights campaigners will hold a demonstration outside the Polish Embassy in London on May 17th-the International Day Against Homophobia- to express their growing concern about the plight of the LGBT community in Poland.

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Presidential Candidate Wants to Supplement Social Security

30-04-2007 13:52

The Social Security Administration was established in 1937 under the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, it was an important part of Roosevelt’s New Deal to America; now 70 years since the system was introduced, Stewart Alexander, Candidate for President, wants to give more to an aging America.

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participation not false representation

30-04-2007 12:50

Power to Imagination
from liberal to political democracy ~!

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Bush gets roasted (vid)

30-04-2007 11:44

Please check out this video of Stephen Colbert addressing the White House Correspondents Dinner.

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Two Families Facing Deportation, Held At Yarls Wood IRC

30-04-2007 11:34

Chineye Ndibe, and her three young children, and Anabelle James, and her 1 year old son, are currently being held at Yarls Wood Immigration Removel Centre in Bedfordshire.

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BNP Candidate Pleads Innocence

30-04-2007 10:13

BNP Candidate Pleads Innocence-We dont believe him

A MIDLAND BNP candidate who likes to dress up as a German trooper to re-enact World War Two battles, has denied having any sympathy with Adolf Hitler or the Nazis.

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Birmingham BNP Election Fraud

30-04-2007 09:05

Brummagem Star exposes BNP candidates using bogus nominees for the 3rd of May council elections.

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The Points-Based Immigration System: Making Migrants Work for Britain

30-04-2007 08:41

The new Points-Based System (PBS), will gradually come into force in 2008. According to the Home Office, the "starting point is that employers should look first to recruit from the UK and the expanded EU before recruiting migrants from outside the EU".

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URGENT: British resident in Guantánamo Bay released to Morocco "disappears"

30-04-2007 08:06

Ahmed Errachidi, a Moroccan national who lived in the UK for over 18 years, was cleared for release from Guantánamo Bay last month. He was sent back to Morocco last week and promptly "disappeared". Campaigners, lawyers and friends are concerned for his wellbeing. It is for this reason that the UK government must bring these men back to the UK - to not face further torture. The UK government has a moral responsibility.

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Denmark, Kopenhagen: "Still feel like rioting..."

30-04-2007 08:00

Denmark, Kopenhagen. On "Ground 69" [the place of the destroyed youth centre `Ungdomshuset´] people yesterday again began to built barricades. Later the whole Jagtvej was full with burning barricades.
Windows of banks, supermarkets, companies were smashed. surveillance cameras destroyed.

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TI re-examine UK fraud & corruption report

29-04-2007 23:37

The UK branch of Transparency International is facing a complaint that issued a report which ignored evidence of fraud on UK government arms contracts. Anyone seeking to reproduce any part of this article for profit should seek the author's permission.

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Heroin is Good for Your Health: Occupation Forces support Afghan Narcotics Trade

29-04-2007 23:02

The occupation forces in Afghanistan are supporting the drug trade, which brings between 120 and 194 billion dollars of revenues to organized crime, intelligence agencies and Western financial institutions.

The proceeds of this lucrative multibllion dollar contraband are deposited in Western banks. Almost the totality of revenues accrue to corporate interests and criminal syndicates outside Afghanistan.

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Referendum or capitulation?

29-04-2007 22:42

Iranians and non-Iranians must fully realize that Iran’s nuclear program is but a pretext for the re-colonization of Iran. The government of Iran made several offers to reassure the international community of its peaceful purposes with regards to the civilian nuclear program; yet, the Bush administration, uninterested in peace, has chosen to pursue the path of sanctions. Whatever shortcomings the current regime may have in Iran, one cannot blame the warmongering and the imperial ambitions of the White House on them. If the nuclear program were renounced, undoubtedly another point of contention would be found to subjugate and/or attack Iran until such time that Washington decides who should hold power in Tehran.

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Birmingham Mayday: striker's rally

29-04-2007 21:46

The PCS union (public and commercial services union) has called a national day of strike action on May 1st over jobs, pay and services.

The PCS' national campaign demands:

• No compulsory redundancies
• No compulsory relocations
• No more outsourcing without consultation & agreement
• Fair & equal national pay
• Adequate resources & decent working conditions

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Circus staff drive car at Activist

29-04-2007 21:44

Video from Spirit of the Horse Demo in York 29/4/07. Circus staff drive car at young mother outside circus gates.

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BNP Councillor to face new probe

29-04-2007 21:11

A BNP councillor who wrote a controversial song about Savile Town will face an investigation after all following a fresh complaint from Labour MP Shahid Malik.

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Police charge cyclists at Glasgow Critical Mass

29-04-2007 19:47

Last night the police committed a surprising u-turn in their approach to dealing with Glasgow Critical Mass. The Mass has previously been accompanied by cycle officers "to ensure the safety of the cyclists" however there has been no police presence since last September. This changed dramatically with the April Critical Mass;

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5 May: London Guantánamo Campaign - Public Meeting and Film Showing

29-04-2007 17:54

A public meeting to discuss how to bring back the remaining British residents being held with trial or charge at Guantánamo Bay now that Bisher El-Rawi has been returned to the UK and Ahmed Errachidi has been returned to Morocco where he has subsequently "disappeared". Come and join us for an important debate.

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Manchester No2ID Events, May 2007

29-04-2007 17:35

Manchester No2ID Logo
Manchester No2ID has another busy calendar of opposition to the Database State lined up!