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MAYDAY: Critical Mass!

04-03-2003 12:01

Preliminary planning is taking place on the London CM discussion list, to join the list and help plan send a blank email from the email account you want subscribed to

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Anti war activist put on suspected terror list for sending Jack Straw food

04-03-2003 11:32

anti war actvist told he was on a suspected terror list after posting foodstuffs to Jack Straw in anti war campaign

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Stop the traffic in Manchester when war breaks out

04-03-2003 11:09

The Blockade closes the road up opens the way.
“If you go to one demonstration and then go home, that’s something, but the people in power can live with that. What they can’t live with is sustained pressure that keeps building, organisations that keep doing things, people that keep learning lessons from the last time and doing it better the next time. Noam Chomsky

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More B52's arriving today

04-03-2003 11:05

More B52's arriving today - & look out for spies in anoraks

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Traces of Poison

04-03-2003 10:49

...the West turns a blind eye to the first biological terrorist in the Middle East, Israel, where the largest depot of WMD between London and Peking is located. Acre Aqueduct feeding the city was poisoned by typhoid injected by Zionists in May 1948

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Global anti war movement announces plans to escalate resistance

04-03-2003 10:49

On Saturday March 1 representatives from the anti war movement from 26 countries and three continents met together in London to plan the next steps in the world campaign against war on Iraq.

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The stae of the UK left

04-03-2003 10:43

Change the word socialist to something else!

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Good news from Turkey

04-03-2003 10:32

March 4— Turkey’s decision not to allow US forces to be deployed along that country’s border with Iraq was a complication that could delay military action against Baghdad, but only by a matter of weeks at the most, US officials said on Monday.

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Peace dove in trouble (by Latuff)

04-03-2003 10:24

Peace dove in trouble (by Latuff)
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Women (and Men) of the World, Unite!

04-03-2003 10:21

the latest in a series about male domination

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Anti-war performance of Lysistrata: London + the world

04-03-2003 10:20

Anti-war performance of Lysistrata: London + the world
Pics from monday's anti-war performance of extracts from the play Lysistrata at Parliament Square. There were readings in almost 60 countries with over 1000 events worldwide!

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Bush and Blair have won the case for war!

04-03-2003 10:16

Bush and Blair have insisted that they don't want war and would not risk lives unless it was absolutly neccessary. They have stated that they have given Saddam not weeks, not months but 12 years to disarm and get rid of his weapons of mass destruction.

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His assignment: to direct covert-ops against VENEZUELA ?

04-03-2003 09:48

WASHINGTON - President Bush announced Friday that Roland Bullen is his choice to be the next U.S. ambassador to Guyana. His main assignement: to direct covert ops against Venezuela? Venezuela was used by the Americans to subvert democracy in British Guiana c.1959-64, now the reverse?

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Advisors warn Bush to expect "humiliating defeat" next week @ the United Nations

04-03-2003 09:40

Senior aides to President George W. Bush say he faces a humiliating defeat before the United Nations Security Council next week. Secretary of State Colin Powell, fresh from his latest round of meetings with representatives of countries on the Security Council, delivered the bad news to Bush on Monday. "You will lose, Mr. President," Powell told Bush. "You will lose badly and the United States will be humiliated on the world stage."

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Nothing new in Disneyland

04-03-2003 09:09

Nothing new in Disneyland
American citizens must learn from old european sad history.

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Millions against a few ageing men

04-03-2003 08:51

This war has been concocted by a few ageing men. We are millions...

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Lula, Chavez, A Very Thorny GW Bush

04-03-2003 08:02

Lula, Chavez, A Very Thorny GW Busg
Leftist movements are rapidly organizing barrios and rural areas everywhere. If Chavez, Gutierrez and Lula’s PT can formulate a sustainable economic program for the people to fight for then a new world is born. Leftist governments provide a safe haven for ideas and space for the masses to organize and formulate demands.

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Anti-War Carnival in Prague

04-03-2003 06:52

Several dozen to a hundred people took part in an Anti-War CArnival on Saturday March 1st.

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04-03-2003 06:02

"...once again, all the lines come together: fundamentalist
Christians, conservative opinion makers and (ex-) government
advisers, such as Perle, Kristol and Scheunemann,
representatives of the Iraqi oppositions, PR-personnel,
former intelligence officers...."

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Mourning Mothers Present Dead Iraqi Children

04-03-2003 05:56

Mourning Mothers Present Dead Iraqi Children
The Mourning Mothers, seven figures wearing haunting giant masks and carrying limp, blood-and dirt-stained rag dolls that suggest dead children, delivered a powerful message to the British government this Friday, chillingly depicting the human costs of war. In mute eloquence, the Mothers unfurled a giant British flag. Then, to ritual drum beats, the Mothers wrapped their dead children in the flag and attempted to present them to the British Consul-General in San Francisco, for delivery to Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie. (article 1)