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US Anarchist Hip Hop gig - June 8th

02-06-2009 17:38

US Anarchist Hip Hop gig - June 8th

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Rossport: Causeway at Shell compound 'washed away' by Shell to Sea action

02-06-2009 17:27

Part of the Shell causeway extending into the sea at Glengad was yesterday evening removed by Shell to Sea protesters. This was in protest at the illegal blocking of access to the public beach and to oppose the forcing of this unsafe project on the local community and the giveaway of Ireland's natural resources.

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Pedal Power Bike Rush Mo 1 June

02-06-2009 16:40

Before the ride
Several hundred climate change activists took part in a Pedal Power Bike Rush organised by the 'Climate Rush' around London yesterday evening (Monday 1 June 2009) demanding the UK government take effective action to counter climate change and global warning.
Pictures Copyrigh (C) 2009, Peter Marshall, All rights reserved.

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Video of Climate Rush Pedal Power event.

02-06-2009 16:25

Protest against the expanding use of coal, starting in St James Square outside the Coal Conference and then riding around Central London visiting Climate Criminals.


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Car workers vote for all-out strike

02-06-2009 15:37

Lobby of Unite London headquarters over the sacking of Rob, Linamar convenor
Workers at the Linamar car parts plant in Wales have voted for an all-out strike to oppose the sacking of union convenor and National Shop Stewards Network vice-chair, Rob Williams. Rob has been instrumental in building solidarity for Visteon workers during their action recently, and management blamed a "breakdown in trust" for his dismissal.

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Palestine Today 060209

02-06-2009 15:32


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Tuesday June 2nd, 2009.

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Glaxo and Gates... their connection

02-06-2009 13:58

Bill Gates is enabling the ecocidal and animal torture policies
of Glaxo

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Brian Haw - 8 years today in London's Parliament Square!

02-06-2009 13:23

Today Brian Haw clocks up 8 years of his one-man protest.

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Success for Czech campaign against US Missile Defence: Now for a big turnout at

02-06-2009 13:06

12 noon, Saturday 13th June
Ellerbeck Bridge, RAF Fylingdales, Whitby, North Yorkshire

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arrest in parliament square over tamil eelam t-shirt

02-06-2009 13:01

continuing the story from, maria was yesterday arrested for wearing a t-shirt bearing the symbol of the tamil eelam. the symbol bears similarities to the tamil tiger LTTE logo, but has significant historical and graphic differences. police have kept flipping on this issue all week

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No Border Camp Mobilisation clip

02-06-2009 12:42

Check out this short film about Calais!

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Police spent £700.000 on climate action bust operation

02-06-2009 12:21

The recent raid at a school in Sneinton, which saw over 100 people arrested for 'conspiring' to take action at a local coal fired powerstation, costs the police around £700,000. The costs of Operation Aeroscope, were revealed as a huge surplus in the Notts Police's budget for 2008/9 as recently presented to the Notts Police Authority. Apparently 'attempts will be made' to get some of the money back through central government (Home Office) but it seems most likely the cash will come straight off the budget of the Notts force, possibly leaving other services under-financed.

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Norwich says NO! to BNP

02-06-2009 11:02

BNP posters in Norwich were defaced last night with slogans saying "No BNP in Norwich".

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Interview with Visteon worker

02-06-2009 07:27

The latest issue of Freedom newspaper has an indepth interview with one of the Enfield workers active in the recent Visteon dispute who won a major victory recently against car giants Ford over redundnancy payments when the enire UK forceforce was made redundant.

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Police Abuse Powers To Prevent FA Cup Climate Protest

02-06-2009 06:25

Police officers unlawfully confiscated campaign leaflets and T-shirts from climate protesters outside the FA Cup final on Saturday, preventing a legal demonstration from taking place. Activists from the Camp for Climate Action are calling this yet another example of over-the-top policing designed to silence environmental protest, and are redoubling calls for an independent public review of the policing of protest.

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Colnbrook IRC ~ Another damming report

02-06-2009 05:56

Struggling to cope

Colnbrook immigration removal centre (IRC) had made little improvement since its last inspection, and was struggling to cope, said Dame Anne Owers, Chief inspector of Prisons, publishing a report today Tuesday 2nd June, on the inspection of the centre

Safety at the centre continued to be a significant concern, with a challenging and vulnerable population and a drugs problem.

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Continuing Conflicts that Create Refugees ~ May 2009

02-06-2009 05:54

Nine actual or potential conflict situations around the world deteriorated and none improved in May 2009, according to CrisisWatch N°70.

Deteriorated Situations
Chad, Guatemala, Myanmar/Burma, North Korea, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan

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Mother Palestine (by Latuff)

02-06-2009 05:39

Mother Palestine
I dedicate this artwork to a Palestinian elderly woman called Mrs. Zarefa, 95 years old, grandmother of the artist and good friend Mohammed Abo Afefa, whom I had the honour of meeting in Marka/Shnillar refugee camp, Jordan. She was expelled from Zakrea village to West Bank by Israeli forces in 1948, and again after 1967 to Jordan. She can't go back to homeland. Her right of return was denied by Israel.