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Police spent £700.000 on climate action bust operation

Notts Indymedia | 02.06.2009 12:21 | Climate Chaos | Repression

The recent raid at a school in Sneinton, which saw over 100 people arrested for 'conspiring' to take action at a local coal fired powerstation, costs the police around £700,000. The costs of Operation Aeroscope, were revealed as a huge surplus in the Notts Police's budget for 2008/9 as recently presented to the Notts Police Authority. Apparently 'attempts will be made' to get some of the money back through central government (Home Office) but it seems most likely the cash will come straight off the budget of the Notts force, possibly leaving other services under-financed.

Officers from 5 different forces were involved in the operation, in which 114 people were arrested, none of which have yet been charged. After parliamentary questions asked by Nottingham South MP Alan Simpson related to the costs of the operation, no details had been disclosed by either Home Secretary Jacqui Smith or Vernon Coaker, Minister of State for Policing, Crime and Security.

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