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London antiwar demonstration downplays threat of war against Iran

27-02-2007 12:48

In 2003, one million people took to the streets of London to protest against the war in Iraq. Four years later, amidst Bush’s “surge” in Iraq and the advanced preparations for a military assault on Iran, the capital saw somewhat less than 30,000 march on Saturday under the slogan, “No Trident—Troops out of Iraq.”

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The Chemtrail Matrix Film

27-02-2007 12:42

A film to introduce people to the controversial subject of chem trails.

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Pictures from Stop The War March (part 2)

27-02-2007 12:26

Here's the second installment of those pictures...

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War is now the only option

27-02-2007 12:23

Bush in Prison
Otherwise it's jail time for Cheney and Bush

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Pictures from Stop The War March (part 1)

27-02-2007 12:15

On Saturday 24th February many thousands of people gathered in Central London to protest against the ongoing UK/US government sponsored slaughter in Iraq.

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mothers 3 day could asesination irak

27-02-2007 12:12

help we can change destination yes live no dead

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Scotland´s Zapatistas need solidarity

27-02-2007 11:56

Zapatista health clinic in Scotland´s twinned autonomous municipality
The Delegation from Scotland´s zapatista solidarity groups currently in Chiapas have just returned from a ten-day visit to Scotland´s twinned zapatista autonomous municipality of 16th February. They report that its new autonomous health clinic – built with the aid of donations from Scotland - is now indeed up and running and treating patients, but is
still in great need of donations.

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Support to 4 NATO train blockaders on trial in Valencia (Spain)

27-02-2007 10:00

On Tuesday march 6th at 10 am four antimilitarist activists will be on
trial for a military train blockade in fall 2004. The public prosecutor
asks for a sentence of one year's imprisonment, while the activist's
lawyer pleads for acquittal. The trial has been postponed already three
times, the last two because of the absence of the witnesses (4 policemen)
for the prosecution without giving any reason.

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Trident: weapons inspectors visit corporate criminals

27-02-2007 09:59

outside one of serco's offices
Yesterday two groups of citizen weapons inspectors visited the offices of profiteers along the nuclear chain (from uranium mining to missiles).

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"a genocidal, suicidal nation" : Romney joins Iran's hysterical accusers

27-02-2007 08:22

Bizarre though it sounds, more and more public figures in the US, echoing Israeli officials, are accusing Iran of genocide. More accurately, of planning genocide, although past and future get all confused in the increasingly reckless rhetoric.

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Human Rights Forgotten in Nuclear Dispute

27-02-2007 07:41 is a new campaign website has launched its first online petition, calling on the United States and China to persuade North Korea that it must accept food aid and inspections to protect its citizens against starvation and human rights abuses. The people of North Korea suffer a life behind closed borders. More than one in ten experience severe hunger, according UN estimates, while there are reports of frequent political and arbitrary imprisonments.

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27-02-2007 06:25

Must see video...BBC reports tell of collapse of WTC7 half an hour before it fell.
The question is are the times given accurate?

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The Other Hollywood Oscar Ceremony - The "Oscar for Peace" Awards

27-02-2007 06:00

The Oscar for Peace
At the corner of Hollywood and Vine, just blocks away from where the Hollywood Oscars were to be presented at the Kodak Theater, the "Military Families Speak Out" organization hosted an “Oscar for Peace” awards ceremony and "Bring Our Troops Home Now" peace vigil. "Military Families Speak Out" honored individuals “for their exceptional and tireless commitment to waging peace, rather than war.” The event drew thousands, and featured an 8-foot “Oscar” in military camouflage with the inscription “Bring Me Home!” The "Code Pink Police," members of the antiwar group, Code Pink Women For Peace, arrested a mock President Bush, while the "Billionaires for Bush" comedy troupe conducted a mock counter-protest.

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An alleged international security expert from the US? CIA?

27-02-2007 04:58

No question in my mind, sorry! I think we need to get Smart! What do you think 99?

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Video from Current Nablus Invasion - Day 1

27-02-2007 03:02

Following you'll find the links to our most recent work on the current military operation (named "Hot Winter") in Nablus, Palestine.

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New Arms Race

27-02-2007 02:19

Russia To Begin New Space Weapons

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Escalating To The Third World War

27-02-2007 02:10

War on Iran: Unleashing Armageddon in the Middle East

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Sunday Telegraph: U.S. Organizing Terrorism Against Iran

27-02-2007 01:38

cult members of Monafiqeen-e-Khalq. yet another group of neocon victims
As should be expected, the Sunday Telegraph, as a neocon newspaper formerly associated with Baron Black of Crossharbour, aka Conrad Black, has sugar-coated this terrorism against the Iranian people, dismissing it as “pressure” against the “Islamic regime” the neocons accuse of working feverishly on nuclear weapons, an allegation completely devoid of any evidence, that is beyond the Brothers Grimm fairy tales invented by the neocons.