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Human Rights Forgotten in Nuclear Dispute | 27.02.2007 07:41 | Repression has launched its first online petition, calling on the United States and China to persuade North Korea that it must accept food aid and inspections to protect its citizens against starvation and human rights abuses. The people of North Korea suffer a life behind closed borders. More than one in ten experience severe hunger, according UN estimates, while there are reports of frequent political and arbitrary imprisonments. is a new campaign website is a new campaign website

“Many countries are concerned about the threat from North Korea’s potential nuclear weapons. Yet the threat faced by ordinary people inside the country has long been overlooked. takes a comprehensive approach to protecting human security and for this reason, we have chosen to focus our first campaign on the people of North Korea,” said Kasper Jon Larsen, director of

Employing the latest internet technology, will gather support from people all over the world to lobby governments. This will be done through regular online petitions to collect signatures that are presented together with the organisation’s demands. Experience shows that this method is highly effective in protecting human security – including violations of international law, human rights abuses and failures to provide relief for civilians suffering from natural disasters, poverty or conflicts.

“We want give ordinary people a voice to express their concern over the ill-treatment of other people. That is why we have created a website that enables people to directly take part in lobbying governments. I encourage everyone to share our website with their family and friends to help people in need – right now it is the people of North Korea who need their help,” said Kasper Jon Larsen.

The United States and China must therefore demand that North Korea accept international aid and inspections. Add your name to the petition today and demand that China and the United States pressure the government of North Korea at their next meeting on March 19, 2007.

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