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Pictures from Stop The War March (part 1)

Camera Boy | 27.02.2007 12:15 | Anti-militarism | Iraq | Cambridge | London

On Saturday 24th February many thousands of people gathered in Central London to protest against the ongoing UK/US government sponsored slaughter in Iraq.

As ever, there was something of a Carnival atmosphere, with many different groups being present, and the mood was definitely upbeat, despite the miserable weather!

There was plenty of creativity on display, with people bringing along their own homemade placards, props and costumes (one of my personal faves has to be "Triplets Against The War"), along with the usual mass produced placards.

There was much music and merriment, with at least two Samba Bands, a Hare Krishna band, many other buskers, and a mobile Sound System, which triggered one of the most visually profound events of day, with people dancing on the street (to Dreadzone's uplifting classic "Little Britain")in front of Police lines and Riot Vans just around the corner from Trafalgar Square.

Tellingly, there was also "Don't Attack Iran" placards on display too.

It would seem that there are still plenty of people in the UK whose anger has not been dimmed one iota by the endless one dimensional pro-war propaganda of our duplicitous Warlords of Misrule.

And long may it be so.


There are so many pictures that I shall publish this as a partwork over the next two or three days!

Also, I think the images speak very loudly for themselves, so there will be no captions, as well as them appearing in chronological order, so as to give a sense of narrative of the events of the day.


Camera Boy


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