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Super Charged Weather

19-02-2008 18:36

NOAA released a report Friday that says January's temperature was close to average although they also pointed out that the Northeast region of the US had unusually warm weather.[1]

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Che Guevara’s deputy speaks in Liverpool and Manchester

19-02-2008 18:22

This Saturday, Liverpool will host a meeting at which Che Guevara’s closest comrade from Cuba, Orlando Borrego, will speak. On Sunday it will be Manchester’s turn. The events are part of a speaking tour of Britain organised by the campaign group Rock Around the Blockade. The tour comes at a crucial time for Cuban socialism as the people give their decisive and defiant answer to the oft-asked question ‘what happens when Fidel goes?’

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Flashback: F15 2003 - London Anti-War Demo

19-02-2008 17:25

Photos from the 15th February 2003 No War on Iraq demo in London.

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Glasgow Unity Centre Induction Day 01/03/2008

19-02-2008 16:18

Outside the Unity Centre last summer
The Unity Centre has played a crucial and unique role in providing solidarity to asylum seeker families in Glasgow over the last two years. We provide friendly and desperately needed support for families when they face detention or being forcibly removed from the UK. The centre is independently run by a collective of volunteers and we share the responsibility of running the centre between us.

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Fidel Castro will neither aspire to nor accept reelection

19-02-2008 15:27

Cuban President Fidel Castro announced he will not aspires to nor accepts the positions of President of the State Council and Commander in Chief at the Parliament session scheduled for February 24th.

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Palestine Today 021908

19-02-2008 15:25

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Tuesday February 19th, 2008.

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26/01/08: Beyond Slavery Conference, "Is it time to move on?"

19-02-2008 14:21

Dr William (Lez) Henry
On Saturday 26 January, 2008, The Synergy Centre in Southwark, London, hosted the Beyond Slavery conference. With noted black community members, historians and cultural commentators the debate and discussion explored the contemporary relevance and legacy of slavery and colonisation and the direct impact from that on modern-day social problems in South London.

Freelance Video Journalist Jason N. Parkinson was there that day to document the conference.

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ALF targets foie gras restaurant Midsummer House

19-02-2008 13:47

Midsummer house a restaurant that serves the delicacy of despair has received a visit from the ALF.

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Fuck fine art

19-02-2008 13:33

Fuck fine art- creation of a radical arts group!

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Friends of Guy Njike

19-02-2008 11:53

Guy Njike
Guy Njike, currently detained in Oakington IRC, is seeking political asylum in the UK after suffering numerous imprisonments and acts of torture in Cameroon due to his political activities with the opposition party, the Social Democratic Front.

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Blockade on Gaza: Crime against humanity

19-02-2008 11:45

With the total or partly blockade on Gaza, the Israeli authorities are guilty of crimes against humanity

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Two Catholic Workers Found Guilty for DSEI "Rivers of Blood" Action!

19-02-2008 06:11

On Friday 15 February, London Catholic Workers Zelda Jeffers and Fr. Martin Newell appeared before Stratford Magistrates for pouring fake blood on Excel Centre, East London the first morning of the DSEI Arms Fair 12th September 2008. The Custom House entrance was closed to both the sellers and buyers as a result.They were charged with criminal damage at one of the entrances to the

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Anti-ALF myspace pages disguised as AR pages used for phishing / hacking etc

19-02-2008 00:02

Beware of these dodgy {yeah I know...myspace is evil / it's ALL dodgy ....} "AR" / "ALF" / "ELF" myspace pages which are being used to send computer viruses / hacking / spamming / phishing etc. Some are strange, others look like genuine AR sites.

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Latest details: EF! Winter Moot - February 22nd–24th - Notts (starts Friday evening)

18-02-2008 23:16

Join us for
Activist skill share
Planning radical action on climate change,
Sharing ideas for the Earth First! Summer Gathering
Opposition to the UK genetic crop trials and mega-dams in Iceland
And a chance to share info on your own campaigns

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Guantánamo Activities in London last week

18-02-2008 23:06

A series of events took place in London this week calling for justice for Guantánamo detainees past and present, and for the detention camp to be closed down, taking in protests outside the Spanish Embassy and Westminster Magistrates’ Court, London Fashion Week and a packed meeting with Moazzam Begg in East London.

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Life Cartoons

18-02-2008 22:38

How i see the world we live.

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Sheffield: End the Siege of Gaza Vigil

18-02-2008 22:15

Some photos from the End the Siege of Gaza vigil held in front of Sheffield Town Hall on Saturday 16th February 2008.

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1st of March: Second National Day Of Action For Freedom Of Assembly

18-02-2008 21:45

We Own The Streets - Campaign for Freedom of Assembly
Saturday 1st of March, top of Trafalgar Square (North side), 1 pm.

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Midsummer House – News Coverage and Demo Report

18-02-2008 21:15

Newspaper coverage and demo report for Midsummer House Foie Gras demos in Cambridge.