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activist/journalist arrested

08-10-2001 09:00

help detained editor and human rights activist

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George Bush and Osama bin Laden Make Love, Not War

08-10-2001 08:02

Make Love, Not War

"Osama, aren't I supposed to be in your position? I'm supposed to be the man and you're supposed to be my bitch right?"

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Railtrack Bankrupt, Yipee! Turn it into a non-profit trust.

08-10-2001 05:17

From the BBC. Nice to see a shining example of
public sector privatisation in action;-)

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Shut Down NORTHWOOD?!?

08-10-2001 05:08

40 min. tube ride from London is the states main command post. Can we shut it down, rather than wasting energy on ineffectual demos in the city?

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School work: Fidel Castro reprimands USA and war (cartoon by Latuff)

08-10-2001 04:18

School work: Fidel Castro reprimands USA and war (cartoon by Latuff)
For more political related copyright-free cartoons, see link below.

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Nationwide Demo Listings (Monday)

07-10-2001 23:15

Peace vigils and demos will be taking place in many towns and cities today (Monday).

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Further Peace Vigils...

07-10-2001 22:59

Peace Vigils continue to help counteract violence in the Middle East.

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Immediate reponse - london demo pics

07-10-2001 22:17

Immediate reponse - london demo pics
7.10.01 around 8pm as more people arrive outside downing street - picture taken as other protestors elsewhere where being dispersed by police.

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Manchester anti-protest Monday, 5pm, Market Street

07-10-2001 22:14

Come to the protest against the bombing of Afghanistan tomorrow, Monday, in Market Street, Manchester. 5pm.

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Bin Laden DID NOY claim responsbility for attacks

07-10-2001 21:20

Spin doctoring in the media has begun to portray the speech as a confession and already this is appearing on Indy Media sites. Reuters gives a more unbiased interpretation of the speech (he refers to 'those muslims' and 'God' as doing and seems to think that Palestinians did it, although really he doesn't seem to know much more than anyone else)

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Everyone Demonstrate!

07-10-2001 20:53

Belfast protest - calling all anti-war people!

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Bombs hit Afghanistan - picture

07-10-2001 20:39

Bombs hit Afghanistan - picture
Picture from Gulf TV satellite station of bombs hitting Afghanistan

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07-10-2001 19:51

tonites demo against the bombing

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Resistance in Newcastle

07-10-2001 19:31

anti war demo

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07-10-2001 18:54


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London anti-war demo takes to streets

07-10-2001 17:41

Anti-war campaigners have taken to the streets of London, UK in reaction to US-lead bombing runs across Afghanistan. There are spontaneous actions being reported across the rest of the UK as well.

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Bombing Afghanistan - First War Crime Already

07-10-2001 17:17

just as the bombing of kabul started the first war crime has already been committed

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the war has srated

07-10-2001 17:09

4 large explosions and anti-aircraft barrage - Kabul

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Dangerous times and the WTO meeting

07-10-2001 16:25

There's lots of doubt about the WTO meeting, when it will be held and where. Activists need to be ready to respond to changes of plan.

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Washington's "Anti-Terrorism" Campaign in Colombia

07-10-2001 09:52

Washington's "Anti-Terrorism" Campaign in Colombia
As Washington shifts its foreign policy focus towards combating terrorism, many have speculated that military funding for the drug war in Colombia will diminish.