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Famed Artist Paints Abu Ghraib

14-04-2005 21:01

"Fernando Botero’s latest paintings go beyond anything he’s ever created in the past. He’s completed his masterwork, a suite of 50 large oil paintings depicting the horrors perpetrated by Americans at Iraq’s infamous Abu Ghraib prison." (A variety of articles about the intersection of art and politics can be found at the Art For A Change web log:

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Grave Robbery

14-04-2005 19:07

Update on Newchurch agents provocateurs

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BNP substitute to face Howard.

14-04-2005 17:47

Following appears in the local rag for Michael Howard's constituency Folkestone & Hythe (Kent).

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14-04-2005 15:19


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Campeace Election Forum TONIGHT!

14-04-2005 13:55

CamPeace Election Forum

Thursday 14 April, 8pm

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14-04-2005 13:50

Friends in Palestine.

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Join the Blairditchproject bus up to Sedgefield this Friday!

14-04-2005 13:36

Peace buses coming to London to build more support for the project and pick up supporters who want to join the campaign THIS FRIDAY 15th at the trade justice all night vigil

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9/11 - The Secret World: “You just don’t see it unless you...

14-04-2005 12:59

It's one of those excellent and enlightening stories - especially for the outsiders who do not know most of Hopsicker's writings about 9/11 yet - which makes Neanderthalers think and insiders wonder... 

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Now We Are Free - Lessons from Vieques

14-04-2005 11:49

A major international conference launches at the end of the month in Glasgow with special speakers coming from Puerto Rico to Govan. Robert Rabin was at the heart of the struggle to eject the US Navy from Vieques. After this victory he's now invited to Scotland to share his tactics...

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14-04-2005 09:31

Trade Justice protest at the Bank of England - CLOX Pillow Fight
PILLOW FIGHT at the heart of the City of London -12th Apr.05

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Critical Mass against Climate change and the G8

14-04-2005 09:29

Critical mass bike ride against climate change, pollution and the G8

On the 6-8th of July the G8 is being held at Gleneagles, Scotland. Tony Blair wants to put Climate change at the top of the agenda but this Government promotes policies that are devastating to the environment.

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EU: No French Fries for Fritz...

14-04-2005 09:16

Hit squad cut electricity to punish EU politician.

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East Lancs L.E.T.S Social and Trading Event 16th April 2005

14-04-2005 07:36

An opportunity for members of the public to join this organisation which exchanges goods and services without the use of money.

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China Charges Japan War Crimes! What about China with regards to Tibet...

14-04-2005 00:11

China Charges Japan War Crimes! What about China with regards to Tibet, Tianinmen Square and Taiwan? Interesting how easily people forget the death of many innocent peoples in China itself!

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Billboard Subvertising

13-04-2005 22:49

recently defaced adverts

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“Fake” Spodden Valley asbestos websites exposed…

13-04-2005 21:53

The Save Spodden Valley campaign may have discovered a sinister move by developers of the former asbestos factory site in the Spodden Valley, Rochdale:

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A couple of Edo demos

13-04-2005 21:40

A day of action against the Edo Injunction.

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Unofficial (anti) McDonald's 50th Birthday Events

13-04-2005 21:11

Anti-McDonald's campaigners pour scorn on McDonald's
50th anniversary celebrations (April 15th)
and celebrate 20 years of world-wide anti-McDonald's campaigning

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It's not racist......

13-04-2005 21:11

Are you thinking what they're thinking? It's not racist to endanger ethnic minorities in order to advance your career

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New IMC collective meeting in Nottingham !

13-04-2005 20:49

Nottingham IMC meeting will be on the 18th of April at 7.30pm at the Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone St, Forest Fields, Nottingham, NG7 6HX, 0845 458 9595.