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China Charges Japan War Crimes! What about China with regards to Tibet...

Andrew Smith | 14.04.2005 00:11 | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | Education

China Charges Japan War Crimes! What about China with regards to Tibet, Tianinmen Square and Taiwan? Interesting how easily people forget the death of many innocent peoples in China itself!

I watch in horror any crime against anyone who has been oppressed, silenced and killed, does it matter who is doing it? Apparently, according to the Chinese Students that found it righteous to act violent and protest with rocks it is acceptable to kill their own citizens or neighbouring persons. The Chinese Government is NOT immune to DEATH and should never point the finger at Japan for War Crimes when they themselves are guilty of killing over 20 million people in their own country. I write this under a pseudonym because if my ethnic origins is revealed... I'd be accused of smoothing over history in a lovely Revisionist Methodology that Mindelle Jacobs would be jealous. I do not cover up history nor do I accept anyone who is murdered in the name of whatever cause... the Abortion Doctor is killed when a lunatic fringe employs a fatal bomb that steals his life. I do not cover up the realities that the Tibetan Monks faced in Lhasa when they were slaughtered for no reason... where is JUSTICE for them? What about Taiwan who had to deal with the ominous presence of Mainland China who threatened their sovereignty? How come so many people are silent when it comes TIBET? Hell it was a nice f*ckin' movie but the absence of JUSTICE for the poor Tibetans in exile, may have a differing view. The Chinese Government is GUILTY OF MURDER AND GENOCIDE, even the Clash have put it into context [...Ask the Dalai Lama in the hills of Tibet, How many monks did the Chinese get?] murder is murder is murder no matter who is doing it! How can anyone forget the Tiananmen Square atrocity and that was against students and other people who simply wanted to be free from the tyrrany of a F*cked Up Government. Most of those protesters are in hiding in the US or Canada and live with the horrors in perfect video mode inside their hearts and souls. The Chinese Government sent in troops to silence these students and boy did they ever... with a lot of blood. I can only tremble when I think of the many people that China has slaughtered in the confines of the mainland and yet Chinese People may look at me as if I am a Criminal for a moment in time within history that was brutal, vicious and ugly. I for one have never looked at people as that Chinese, Jamaican, East Indian or whatever type of Person s/he is from or descendent. I see them as a unique entity unto themselves with highly developed individuality. It doens't mean that I suddenly dismiss their ethnic identity and personal characteristics either. I do not hold hatred for the country who have killed over 200 000 peoples in Hiroshima & Nagasaki with the deployment of a devestating Atom bomb. I look in horror at all killings whether it is Geronimo Fobister in Grassy Narrows, On who was hunted down and killed by the OPP. The ongoing slaughter of Native Women being abducted, killed and dumped in Winnipeg to a tune of 95% unsolved. I am particularly sickened by the lies that people tell their children about homelessness in Canadian Cities, that these panhandlers want to degrade themselves for some spare change. The death of anyone at the hands of an aggressor sickens me and the uncensored reality is present for all to see and take note of...

I have observed someone who began to hate me for no other reason but the fact that my ethnic origins are of a historical AGGRESSOR... pretty sad I must say of that particular person. Pretty pathetic I add as well... to hate someone because of their skin colour, ethnic origins, religious{or no beliefs} background, sexual orientation, gender identity and philosophical differences. I pity those who hate others or myself without any reason other than the aforementioned ones above... I find it absolutely moronic to see this still going on! How can anyone heal themselves when they cannot heal their own wounds inflicted upon themselves?

Long live no one... if the world is going to end on December 21, 2012 - Good it is better to end this Sick, F*cked up World than continue in a delusional path of hatred, loathing and destruction.

Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith