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World second-largest mining company AGM disrupted

26-04-2006 12:59

Anglo American’s Annual General Meeting was disrupted yesturday (April 25th) by campaigners in solidarity with Indigenous Communities resisting mining in the Sierra Perrija, Zulia. The campaigners demand that Anglo American withdraw their shares in the company Carbones del Guasare that has plans for expanding mining in the region

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Petition in support of lecturers' pay action

26-04-2006 11:42

Education Not for Sale has launched an online petition in support of the AUT and NATFHE lecturers' unions' campaign for decent pay. Please add your or your organisation's name, post on relevant websites and elists and forward to sympathetic people!

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Asbestos deaths- please, can you spare a minute to email a message of support

26-04-2006 09:25

An International Asbestos Memorial for the 5,000,000 people who may die of asbestos related disease.
The United Nations International Labour Organisation estimate current asbestos related deaths are 100,000 pa.
This Friday on Workers Memorial Day there is a united call for an worldwide ban on asbestos...

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London mayor Livingstone obstructs Khoodeelaar! No to Crossrail hole

26-04-2006 08:59

Within minutes [on Monday 24 April 2006] of aadhikaronline reporting the Conservative Party Chair Francis Maude's backing to Khoodeelaar! No to Crossrail hole Bill campaign, London Mayor Ken Livingstone had his office send a strange communication to Khoodeelaar! The legal and democratic significance of the Ken Livingstone communication are enormous, especially in the last week before the scheduled local elections on 4 May 2006

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26-04-2006 06:34

THE PEACE PATRIOTS - OPENING SEGMENT Watch the film’s first 4 1/2 minutes which includes the opening narration by Air America Radio host Janeane Garofalo, instrumental music by John Sheldon, and the song, "Not In Our Name Pledge of Resistance" read by poet Saul Williams with music written and performed by DJ Spooky (Paul MIller). (Running Time 4:36)

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Immaterial Labour Conference and Negri Cambridge This Weekend: 27-29 of April

26-04-2006 04:03

Ed Emery has organized the Immaterial Labour, Multitudes, and New Social Subjects: Class Composition in Cognitive Capitalism" Conference in Cambridge this weekend (August 28-30th). This conference will have a keynote open to the public by Antonio Negri, co-author of Empire on recent events in France.

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"United 93" Cover-up Film Educational Flyers Now Available!

26-04-2006 02:44

This is the new film about the 4th plane to crash on 9/11 put out by United Artists which promotes the cover-up that the flight was not shot down -- many dispute this and the evidence strongly suggests that it was shot down. These flyers help explain why.

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New ID card proposal to flush out those using anonymity

26-04-2006 00:41

Government of such dubious credentials
That' s a very big, very serious dimension to the whole database and ID card issue here in Australia. With a government of such dubious credentials on their commitment to human rights playing footsies with rendition to torture countries, blanket opposition to a bill of rights, denial of the refugee convention word and spirit, denial of fundamental but inconvenient property rights like native title, and likely lots more, why trust this government on the ID lite card proposal?

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Colnsbrook Hungerstrike - Timeline

25-04-2006 23:55

Detainees in Colnbrook detention center were on hunger strike from 10 to 23 April. Here is a timeline:

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Update on Detention Centre Hunger Strikes

25-04-2006 23:49

24 April 2006: The hunger strikes in Colnbrook have ended. Meanwhile, on 20 April, around 20 Turkish Kurdish detainees began hunger striking in Harmondsworth. A coalition of Kurdish organisations are planning a campaign of support. Here are some details about the situation in Colnbrook:

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Why Howard must resign

25-04-2006 22:13

John Howard Denies He Lies
If they did not know then they have to go. Howard want's it both ways on the wheat for weapons scandal - he should take it like a man and resign today.

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Thermite Identified As Likely Culprit Of WTC Collapse

25-04-2006 21:53

author: Brian

A new branch of 9/11 research claims to have
identified the cause of the collapse of the twin
towers. The photographic and video evidence
makes a very strong case for thermite being
responsible for the unprecedented implosions
of steel framed reinforced buildings on
September 11.

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1in12 club's 25th anniversary celebrations/ Mayday in Bradford

25-04-2006 21:42

To celebrate Mayday and the 1in12 club's 25th anniversary there are the following series of events.

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I'M THE DECIDER, Koo-Koo-Ka-Choo

25-04-2006 20:39

New song:

I am me and Rummy's he, Iraq is free and we are all together
See the world run when Dick shoots his gun, see how I lie
I'm Lying...

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Infousurpa no 21

25-04-2006 19:42

Weekly Independent Poster of Social Centre activities

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Riots erupt during Condoleezza Rice’s visit to Greece

25-04-2006 18:55

Thousands of people marched the streets of Athens today protesting Condoleezza Rice's visit to Athens.

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Bush&Co: Making America Safer One Released War Crime Victim at a Time

25-04-2006 18:42

There has been no word about apologies from the U.S. to these captives, but you’d think it would be a smart idea to hand each victim a fat wad of cash before sending them on their way.

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xenophobia hits all the MSM evening news

25-04-2006 18:10

25th April saw evening news BBC ITV/Channel 4 lead with
the story of Charles Clarkes 'mistake'

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Today in Palestine Audio Report

25-04-2006 17:37

A daily audio round up of events in Palestine for the 25th of April 2006

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Pic of Nepali Embassy, London Demonstration

25-04-2006 17:23

Nepali Protestors
Some of us decided to show our solidarity with the Nepali people’s movement.