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Why Howard must resign

pr via rapture | 25.04.2006 22:13 | Analysis | Repression | Social Struggles | World

If they did not know then they have to go. Howard want's it both ways on the wheat for weapons scandal - he should take it like a man and resign today.

John Howard Denies He Lies
John Howard Denies He Lies

AUSTRALIA: John Howard has threatened serious consequences if there is a finding that one of the responsible Minister's, or both, knew about the worst and biggest scandal in Au hirstory.

Yet if they did not know then that is equally damming and sackworthy.

Think about it. From May in 2002 it was obvious that Au was acting as the USA's cats paw in invading Iraqi territorial waters. This was on the news so there is no excuse for either or both Ministers not being up to speed on all dealings with Iraq.

Apparantly Vaille still hasn't done any due diligence!

This is incredible and there is no excuse for such offensively culpable negligence. Downer has actual form for criminal negligence if just one of the 88 aussies who died in Bali in Oct 2002 would have been deterred by a warning from Downers department.

Downer recieved five warnings we know about and ignored all of them in a shocking display of criminal negligence.

I repeat - If they did not know then they have to go.

If preparations for war are being made and Downer himself is beating up the case for war then it is criminal incompetence of the highest degree to not check the details of all trade to and fro from the region.

Pig wheat Mark, Pig wheat Alex and Pig wheat John should have known what was going on.

That is why Howard has to sack his dumbo deputy PM and that fatuous foreign Minister who is a laughing stock lecturing on corruption and then fall on his sword himself.

It's all over red rover.

Good riddance to bad rubbish and don't let the door hit your arse's on the way out losers.



John Howard Denies He Lies
by The Un-Australian Wednesday April 26, 2006 at 09:50 AM

John Howard has today denied all allegations that he and his mastiff makers misled the dictatorship.

"We own the house and we can do what we freeken well like", said Mr Howard.

"We have discussed the matter in the Sin-ate and decided that we could not tell lies because then no one in the community would bother taking any responsibility any more and that would only take us down the wrong path," he said.

But floposition leader Kim Sleazley has said that white lies are okay as long as they don't try and bullshit! They can continue dictating to the public, but he intimated he'd be looking for a pay rise.

No one else could be contacted to confirm whether they disagreed with the denials but pr seems to be quite convincing so we will just leave it up to you to make up your own mind..

Thank you for your time!

pr via rapture