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Norfolk pixies naughtily celebrate Beltane

05-05-2010 01:07

Norwich Butchers graffitied

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Election posters subverted in East Oxford

04-05-2010 23:59

Andrew Smith poster stickered
Various election posters were subverted in East Oxford tonight to remind people with short memories of the blood our politicians still have on their hands.. Many other posters have mysteriously disappeared.

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Come to Support Occupation at Middlesex University!

04-05-2010 23:57

Students in occupation
Party/Rally at 4.30pm today (Wednesday 5th May) in support of the occupation at Middlesex University.

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Anarchist direct actions in Russia and Belarus

04-05-2010 23:30


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Space Hijackers Mayday Election Battle Bus

04-05-2010 23:01

Spoil Your Ballot

This Mayday on the Space Hijackers took our anti-election battle bus to the streets of London and the home of government. We've all seen George Galloway and the other cronies charging around in open top buses trying to persuade people to vote for them, but we all know the whole thing is a scam. So we hired our own open top bus, and flew around London giving out an alternate message - SPOIL YOUR BALLOT, REJECT THE LOT OF EM!

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AFed: The case against voting

04-05-2010 22:08

A piece by Edinburgh & Glasgow Anarchist Federation groups on the question, "Is it ever OK to not vote?" A version of this was published by the Sunday Herald and is being discussed at LibCom, along with the counter-view by the campaign director of Vote For A Change. This version is the unedited article, as submitted to the paper.

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Mayday Pics - Party

04-05-2010 22:06

When the weather turned, people abandoned Parliament Square for the Graffitti tunnel at Waterloo.

The awsome D*I sound system was playing in the beginning, would have been nice to hear a bit more of those tunes.


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Demockracy Village in Parliament Square

04-05-2010 22:06 have set up a tent village in parliament square in the run-up to the election

despite torrential rain, a village of some twenty tents sprung up during the mayday festivities yesterday, and last night warm bedding arrived from the chiswick eco-village along with a rocket fire and other amenities. today, the peace camp has been hard at work constructing a new shelter from the elements, and they have issued a press statement about their aims.


they are calling for people to come and join them in the 'demockracy village', and all are welcome whetehr it be for an hour or for the rest of the week, or longer.


their press statement is as follows:

Statement From The Democracy Village, Parliament Square

We, the concerned citizens of the Democracy Village on Parliament Square, demand on behalf of the majority of people that the war in Afghanistan is ended and the troops are brought home with immediate effect.

The Democracy Village calls all like-minded concerned citizens to come and join us. We are calling a Strike for Peace until our demands are met. We are committed to maintaining an ongoing presence on Parliament Square.

All are welcome to come and stay for a few hours, a day, or a night.
Donations of food and equipment are very welcome. Bring a sleeping bag and tent if you plan to stay.

In this election, no major party has offered the choice to end this pointless war.
VOTE FOR PEACE by coming to the village today.

For more info phone or text:-

Camilla  07962 889459
Maria     07886 662091




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Anti Election Subvertion

04-05-2010 22:06

The anti election campaign has started

so far I've seen some flyposters flapping in the wind only in Hackney area, with the hope other ACTIONS will follow everywhere... here some pics...get inspired!

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The streets of East London turn green and gold!

04-05-2010 22:06

Over 30 merry men and women could be spotted running around the streets of East London last Sunday, spreading the word about the Robin Hood Tax campaign.

Over 30 merry men and women could be spotted running around the streets of East London last Sunday, spreading the word about the Robin Hood Tax campaign.

This gaggle of outlaws were taking part in Oxfam's Robin Hood Tax game, part of the campaign which calls for a tiny tax on banks to raise billions for poverty in the UK and abroad.

Seven groups of bandits could be seen taking on challenges including swapping their goods for gold (well, a Robin Hood hat for some gold shoes!), composing and reciting Robin Hood Raps and much more, all in the name of raising public awareness and support. The event was a resounding success and the public responded very positively to the idea.

Campaigner Katy Wright said: "It was great fun taking part in the challenges which encouraged us to chat to people about the campaign and get them on board. At the end of the hunt I felt we had really raised awareness and enthusiasm for the Robin Hood Tax on the streets of East London as well as having a merry time!"

A big thank you to everyone who took part and to the team at the Rich Mix who let us set up HQ there for the day.

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Mayday Pics - Parliament Square

04-05-2010 22:06

Some more pics

People were having fun, weather was nice until it wasn't.

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The article 28 of the constitution .. and the Greek bailout (IMPORTANT ISSUE!!)

04-05-2010 21:59

THIS IS IMPORTANT NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Liverpool BNP's neo-Nazi links exposed

04-05-2010 21:48

Photographs and information have emerged which show Liverpool BNP to be close to neo-Nazi terror groups the Racial Volunteer Force and the British Freedom Fighters.

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Africa house unde threat and CRS 8

04-05-2010 21:47

Anticipated demolition of the last major squat in Calais and the return of the very extreme CRS group responsible for many assaults

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Tied Hands

04-05-2010 20:32

latest editorial by antifaresistance, about repressive strategies in europe.

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Thursday May 6th Animal Liberation/ Anti-Militarist Demo in Worcestershire

04-05-2010 18:34

Stuart Corbett a so-called "conservation officer" from the Porton Down military research facility in Wiltshire is giving a talk for the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust on Thursday May 6th. Porton down carries out horrific and cruel weapons experiments on animals while Corbett is brazen enough to talk about wildlife conservation!

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today 4th May .. Athens ( small clip)

04-05-2010 18:00

today 4th May .. Athens

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London solidarity w Greece action on May 5th

04-05-2010 17:57

Wednesday, May 5, 2010
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Greek Embassy, 1A Holland Park London W11 3TP

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Autonomous healthcare in the Zapatista communities

04-05-2010 17:42

“You can't think about health and not think about the river”.

This article is based on information provided by a compa who has been working to train health promoters in two different areas of Chiapas.

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St. Werburgh Residents rally around the Bristol Eco Village in hour of need.

04-05-2010 17:16

The first Bristol Eco Village, located in St. Werburghs, has been snubbed out before it could properly take seed. But never fear, we have many more sites around the city to choose from and will not surrender so easily.