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SOS2003: Weekend Event Organized Against Bush Push for New Nukes

10-07-2003 15:15

Senior officials in the Bush administration who have proposed the production of a new generation of nuclear weapons have scheduled a meeting to discuss plans for nuclear proliferation at US Strategic Command (STRATCOM) during the first week of August 2003. We are going to be there to say NO! Join us!

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Anti-War Report radio show

10-07-2003 15:08

(Sorry 4 the cross-posting but some details were a bit wrong before!!)

Friday 11th July
The Anti-War Radio Report on Sheffield LIVE!
4-6pm, Sheffield LIVE! 106.6fm.

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Some Leeds Schools Saved, Others Still Face Closure

10-07-2003 15:04

THREE Leeds primary schools among seven earmarked for closure are expected to escape the axe when council chiefs meet next week.

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Undod Palesteina: Ellis Brooks On Tulkarem Anti-Apartheid wall Action

10-07-2003 14:42

10th July 2003.
Ellis Brooks of Aberystwyth Peace Network & Undod Palestein- ISM Aberystwyth
reports on Tulkarem Anti-Apartheid Wall Action.

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Gaielge ar indymedia.

10-07-2003 14:31

Ag plé 's ag pleanáil, seo feidhm liosta nua de chuid Ionad Cumarsáid Saor na hÉireann, imc-ireland-gaeilge. Beimid ag teacht le chéile chun an teanga a chur chun cinn ar an suiomh, is ag iarraidh nasc a tharraingt idir Gaeilgeoirí, fior-Ghaeil agus nua-chainteoirí ina measc. Liosta dátheangach atá ann.

imc-ireland-gaeilge is a new list designed to promote the use of the Irish language within IMC Ireland. We'll be putting our heads together to discuss and plan new initiatives, and connecting like-minded independent journalists who wish to produce Irish-language content. This is a ilingual list, open to all, irrespective of language ability.

Eolas maidir le siúntais / subscription information...

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Palestine (ISM) benefit - BRIXTON, WINDMILL, SUNDAY JULY 27th

10-07-2003 14:08

Details of an all day Palestine benefit for ISM (International Solidarity Movement) to be held on Sunday 27th July at the Windmill, Brixton. For more details go to the website

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The BBC is a psychological warfare operation against you

10-07-2003 14:07

Here follows an analysis of the BBC during the recent Iraq war. Of
course after the war the operation has not stopped. It has again
served to divert attention from key points e.g. when Stevens Inquiry
was released there was no phone in programme on it.

The BBC is obviously a psychological warfare operation against you ,
and you pay for it!

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Red Pepper Northern Garden Party July 19, Leeds

10-07-2003 14:05

Red Pepper magazine is holding a Northern Garden Party on 19 July at 8 Dunstarn Lane, Adel, Leeds. LS16. Please come and help fundraise and support the magazine of the independent green-socialist left.

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Social Forums are springing up across the UK

10-07-2003 13:49

Social forums are spaces where we can share and co-ordinate our struggles. They have been widespread across Europe for about two years. Following the anti-war protests similar forums have been created in many UK cities.

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Jo Wilding Coming to Leeds

10-07-2003 13:45

Peace activist Jo Wilding is coming to Leeds to speak about her experiences in Iraq during the invasion & bombing and on the current situation. She will be talking on Monday July 14th 7.30pm at All Hallows Church 24 Regent Terrace Leeds LS6 1NP. All welcome.

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Leeds Coalition Against the War Minutes

10-07-2003 13:41

Here are Leeds Coalition Against The War Minutes of Meeting at Leeds Civic Hall 7th July 2003.

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Another Nike purchase

10-07-2003 12:03

Nike buy out Converse

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10-07-2003 11:43

Big flaw with participation

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Help Build a "West Bank Wall" in Manchester to Expose Israeli Apartheid!

10-07-2003 11:42

Against the wall of silence
Against the apartheid wall
We raise our voices.

Demonstration Against the Israeli Apartheid Wall

Saturday 12th Albert Square 2pm Central Manchester

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ISM Reports: Activists Attacked. Arrest Updates. Roadblocks Removed

10-07-2003 10:59

The Latest ISM Reports And Press Releases

1. Yestedays Arrests Update
2. IDF Prevents Farmers from Accessing Crops Beyond the Apartheid Wall

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Tommy Franks, war criminal? Is an inquiry possible?( Flash Animation)

10-07-2003 09:53

A mariner shooting an ambulance
To view the animation click the added url.

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Israel's victory was retaining its moderation in midst of war

10-07-2003 07:09

No, we did not win the war of terror that the Palestinians declared against us. They did not surrender and we are not celebrating our victory over them. On the contrary - the fears of a renewed outbreak of terrorism are as great as the chances of ending the conflict are small. But there is a partial respite, and Israel has always known how to get stronger during respites.

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Recordings Back Israel Claim on Spy Ship

10-07-2003 03:04

Recordings Back Israel Claim on Spy Ship

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weekly news from the resistance

10-07-2003 02:59

It distributes news and activities from the resistance struggle of peoples against capital