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Tony Blair - We are proud to have such a leader.

25-06-2002 18:32

An alternative summer No.1?

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Israeli tourist office arrestee update

25-06-2002 18:26

Activist, Emily Apple, is to appear in court tomorrow after being arrested in relation to an action at the Israeli Tourist Office in May this year.

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anticapitalist MP's a possibility ?

25-06-2002 17:57

i like the idea of independent MP's and and considering the possibility that a group of anticapitalist/ anarchists stand collectively in the local elections with a figurehead,

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Funding of U.S./Israeli War Machines

25-06-2002 16:55

Over the months, there have been many calls for the people around the world to take direct action to help stop funding of the U.S. and Israeli war machines.

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another West Papuan leader murdered.

25-06-2002 15:52

peaceful leader poisioned in own home
The 'International community' continue to look the other way. They appeared to learned nothing from East Timor or simply choose to sit by and ignore. This includes our Minister for Foreign Affairs. can make a HUGE difference to the future of this forgotten country.

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25-06-2002 15:34

tour of the north erupes in violence, catholic and protestant pensioners on Duncairn Gardens caught in the middle of baying loyalist mob.

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At the seat of empire (George Monbiot)

25-06-2002 15:08

Africa is forced to take the blame for the devastation inflicted on it by the rich world

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urgent action for WEST PAPUA tomorrow- LONDON

25-06-2002 14:29

more murders, kidnappings... in Indonesian occupied West Papua requires URGENT action!

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Sharon-Bush dictate to Middle-East.

25-06-2002 13:37

Sharon-Bush attempt intimidation of Palestinian people to select and elect Sharon-Bush stooges.

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Asylum Seekers Demo 22/06/02 London

25-06-2002 13:14

Asylum Seekers Demo 22/06/02 London
Over 5,000 people marched through Central London last Saturday in support of Asylum Seekers and Refugees (article 1)

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Global Labour Standards?

25-06-2002 12:53

Immigration & Standards?

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FBI Begins Visiting Libraries

25-06-2002 08:32

WASHINGTON –– The FBI is visiting libraries nationwide and checking the reading records of people it suspects of having ties to terrorists or plotting an attack, library officials say.

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PALESTINIAN officials reject removal of Yasser Arafat

25-06-2002 08:28

PALESTINIAN officials last night rejected any removal of their leader, Yasser Arafat, as a condition for statehood, as proposed by the United States president, George Bush, in a speech scripting a path to Middle East peace.

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George w sued over september terrorist complicity

25-06-2002 06:48

Courtcase against george and the us government claiming they are complicit in the terror attacks in new york corporate media gives little coverage, as per usual

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Palestinian Viet Cong (cartoon by Latuff)

25-06-2002 06:01

Palestinian Viet Cong (cartoon by Latuff)
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed Israeli oppression.

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Video - World Bank demo in Oslo (corrected URL)

25-06-2002 05:36

Check out this kickass video from yesterday's demo against the World Bank in Oslo, Norway

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The Pink Bloc in Oslo

25-06-2002 01:10

The Pink Bloc in Oslo
The Pink Bloc were lovley to look at, accompanied by a big dragon and several big dolls, they kind of ruled the streets.

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banner inOslo

25-06-2002 00:56

banner inOslo
anti world bank banner

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25-06-2002 00:16

Did anyone notice his corporate agenda in Bush's peace plan?

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G8 protests: links, posters, pamphlets, articles

24-06-2002 23:31

Learn more about the G8; spread the word with posters and pamphlets.