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02-08-2002 08:57

Hard times for the Iraqis.
It seems that the US has to choose between something bad, and something worse. It is not a choice between peace and war, though; but well between war and war. The Bush administration sounds hesitating between these two options:
Either attack the Iraqis with full military involvement, or let them die slowly under an everlasting siege

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Day of Peace and Human Rights

02-08-2002 02:56

We are planning on holding an International day of Peace and Human Rights.

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"Free Trade" and Government Repression in Ecuador: an eyewitness account

02-08-2002 00:34

"Free Trade" and Government Repression in Ecuador: an eyewitness account
Globalization is supposed to make communication easier. But when the leaders of Ecuador`s social movements tried to deliver a letter critiquing neoliberal globalization to Summit of the Presidents of S. America, they were arrested, roughed up, and their giant letter was destroyed. This highlights the need for international support for the massive protest planned at the 7th summit of the Free Trade Area of the Americas in Ecuador in October. (article 1)

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Radical Dairy Social Centre - Film Screenings

02-08-2002 00:22

Film Screenings of two new films: Genoa Red Zone by
the excellent UK IMC and Argentina in Revolt. Followed
by speakers and an open Acoustic/Spoken Word night.
Food and Drink provided.

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Nestlé enters UK baby milk market with dangerous claims

01-08-2002 23:27

This month Nestlé will be launching its Nan infant formula in the UK using claims that it was forced to drop in the United States following investigations conducted by the Food and Drug Administration and 9 States. Health experts are calling on the UK government to put a swift stop to
Nestlé's attempts to use the same practices here.

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If there weren't anarchists the state would have to invent them

01-08-2002 23:04

Point me to some Anarchist FAQ somebody

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Anarchist Discussion Meeting

01-08-2002 20:12

Discussion at LARC 8-10pm Fri 2nd Aug

'The Role of Dialogue in A Revolutionary Movement'

Open Debate with brief intro

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NUM announces new chairman

01-08-2002 19:18

NUM aanounces replacement for retiring chairman Arthur Scargill...

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Picket M&S Marble Arch

01-08-2002 17:58

Picket M&S Marble Arch in solidarity with the Intifada, this Thursday 6-8pm

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Open Letter to Beverly Hughes - Why Does New Labour Deport the Victims of Tortur

01-08-2002 17:18

The letter relates to an Iranian whose health, mental and physical, has been broken by quite horrific torture in an Iranian prison. No matter we have good economic relations with the regime there, so the 'mistake' made in granting asylum has now been reversed. Would be grateful if it was prominently printed.

Tony Greenstein - Brighton & Hove Unemployed Workers Centre

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Is the BNP fascist?

01-08-2002 13:07

Examination of the BNP's ideology under Tyndall and Griffin. Undergraduate essay.

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noborderZONE In Kassel at DocumentaXI

01-08-2002 12:36

pressrelease: publixtheatrecaravan

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GM Crop Trashed In Wivenhoe

01-08-2002 12:14

12 local campaigners have last night decontaminated a field of GM maize in wivenhoe. Arond 12:30 last night the group started a night of direct action which resulted in a large proportion of the farm scale trial destroyed and the governments GM policy in taters

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Invitation to the International Human Rights March in Israel and Palestine

01-08-2002 12:04

Invitation to
the International Human Rights March in
Israel and Palestine -February/March 2003

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Jenin, Iraq and North Korea

01-08-2002 11:56

Today in Global Observer you can find articles about UN report on Jenin, Iraq's rearm and US-North Korea relations.

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UK Farmers on Strike!

01-08-2002 11:53

UK farmers call for one day strike and for support to Africa to prevent famine. It seems as though UK farmers have woken up to globalisation.

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Shhhhhh...don't say MASSACRE, please! (by Latuff)

01-08-2002 11:12

Shhhhhh...don't say MASSACRE, please! (by Latuff)
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed Israeli oppression.

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Double Strawberry Gotchya!

01-08-2002 11:10

Double Strawberry Gotchya!
Paul Coleman of the global biotechnology company Biogen, was today pied in the face today with a gateaux, by Agent Sara Lee of the group Manchester Biotic Bakers against Biotech (article 1)

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01-08-2002 10:18

Were is the left wing really coming from? They hate each other and have always been at each other’s throats. Four or five left wing parties in the UK. It beggars belief. Oh yes I know we now have the Socialist Alliance, but this new entity mainly consists of the Socialist Party and the Marxists and they are always arguing with each other. It matters little anyway, because all of these parties and most of their members have got their heads permanently preoccupied with international issues.

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ISPs required to be able to intercept your data from today

01-08-2002 09:57

But as usual the gov and spook depts have pressed ahead with their nasty laws without thinking them through... (that said the laws are there now, so they just have to catch up on the tech and business accomodation fronts)