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not in our name

30-04-2004 21:11

poster if you want it

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Are we about to witness a new 'terrorist outrage'

30-04-2004 21:10

the torture of Iraqis

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not fit to wear the queen's uniform

30-04-2004 21:06

British govt quite prepared to deal with allegations against US soldiers but rushing to minimise damage now British soldiers being named for torture.

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Racist Flyposting in North Liverpool

30-04-2004 19:47

Be aware of racist flyposting in North Liverpool

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Dublin Critical Mass Success! (pics)

30-04-2004 19:28

Hundreds of people left the meet up point at around 6pm to take a tour around the main areas of central Dublin, around the castle, up and down O'Connell Street and some continuing to Mountjoy Prison where two uk people are still being held.

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Venezuela: The hijacking of a sacred stone

30-04-2004 19:09

* The Pemon people of Venezuela calls to the international solidarity in their struggle for the return of the sacred stone Kueka

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Critical Mass in Dublin Now

30-04-2004 17:34

Report from Dublin received at 6:26 PM London time.

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Is China weeks away from 'Great Depression'?

30-04-2004 17:34

Already in need of a $45 billion bailout, the CBRC suspended all lending for three days. The enormity of China's banking problem is dawning on everyone--the system is nearing meltdown.

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child labour flyer

30-04-2004 17:02

Child labour flyer for Cambridge Mayday

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A new document Let Down By Labour:

30-04-2004 16:39

The real Labour Manifesto which highlights the gulf between what Tony Blair promised in 1997 and what his Government has actually done after 7 years in power.

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EU: Data retention comes to roost - telephone and internet privacy to

30-04-2004 15:26

Statewatch press release, 29 April 2004

EU: Data retention comes to roost - telephone and internet privacy to
be abolished

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Solidarity march with prisoners, Dublin morning

30-04-2004 14:51

This morning there was a quick march to the local prison to demand Polly to be released, where she is held against bail of 2000 Euros (?). She is being held in connection to the eviction of a squat on Tuesday evening.

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follow up on Safety Patrols UK [subscription security]

30-04-2004 14:12

and so I write with some concern over the latest front page epic
in the Whitley bay News Guardian dated 29th April entitled 'Fears over safety patrols'
It seems to be diverting the issue away from PUBLIC concerns IE my interest in this matter, which is:


the ramifications for this nationally are huge...

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ID-cards and Databases

30-04-2004 13:59

Privacy International invites for a public meeting on ID cards in London, 19th May, while the economist warns that the real threat to privacy comes from government databases.

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Sheffield Debt and Poverty Action

30-04-2004 13:27

The Sheffield Social Forum (, the Sheffield Samba Band ( and others are doing an action on debt and poverty starting at noon outside Brighthouse at the bottom of The Moor on Saturday 1st May.

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Who Moos In The Meadow?

30-04-2004 10:33

Cars and dandelions.

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Telephone and internet privacy to be abolished?

30-04-2004 10:23

An initiative for Culture, Media and Communications is planning a series of events paralell to the ESF 2004, as a follow-up from the world forum on communication rights. The following is one of the many issues that are at stake.

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New Devon ecovillage initiative

30-04-2004 10:19

good food and good company round an open fire
Frustrated with poor housing in towns and cities more and more of us want to develop countryside communities. After all if you read EP Thompson, Christopher Hill and Marion Shoard amongst others you'll know the countryside was stolen from us through land privatisation or 'enclosure'. This initiative is happening at the end of May in the West Country.

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this is not a war against Islam: Bush

30-04-2004 10:02

this is not a war against Islam: Bush
this is not a war against Islam: Bush

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M&S Picket Grows

30-04-2004 09:34

For the third week running, despite further police harrasment, demonstration grows.