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Solidarity march with prisoners, Dublin morning

ab | 30.04.2004 14:51 | May Day 2004 | Anti-militarism | World

This morning there was a quick march to the local prison to demand Polly to be released, where she is held against bail of 2000 Euros (?). She is being held in connection to the eviction of a squat on Tuesday evening.

The march was quite uneventfull, apart from some corporate jounralists jumping in the middle of the protest trying to stir up trouble. He was told to leave by the protesters, but refused cooperation and then left the demo.

People walked around the prison several times shouting slogans and carrying a banner reading "Our passion for freedom is stronger than any prison." And other sloglans expressing their discontent with the current system and policing policy as well as "fuck the corporate media", and similar.

After about 2 hours the demo dissolved and there were no further incidents.



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  1. Meanigless — Paddy
  2. And what did you achieve 'Paddy'? — not a prisoner