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Mark Collett dirtys his knickers

25-05-2007 18:23

Watch him squirm!!

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Massive security preparations for upcoming G8 summit in Germany

25-05-2007 18:15

In preparation for the G8 summit of world leaders to be held June 6-8 in Germany, the idyllic bathing resort of Heiligendamm is being transformed into a high-security tract resembling the notorious “Green Zone” in Baghdad.

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Cultural Centre in Berlin/Germany in Danger

25-05-2007 18:05

One of the last important non-commercial centers in Germany is threatened with eviction. There is a call for solidarity-actions on a global action day:

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Common Ground Squatted Community Garden - The Path So Far...

25-05-2007 18:03

Last Saturday, anti-capitalists in Reading opened the squatted Common Ground Community Garden to the public for the first time, and are receiving support from all corners of the community.

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Geldof in private jet scandal

25-05-2007 17:57

Bob geldof has angered environmental campaigners by agreeing to be flown by private jet

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This Week In Palestine – Week 21 2007

25-05-2007 17:24

This Week In Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for May 19 through 25, 2007.

Nonviolent resistance continues to grow in Palestine against the wall and settlements while the Israeli army stages deadly air strikes against the Palestinians who continue to call for international observers and protection. These stories and more coming up, stay tuned.

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Bristol Vegan Fayre

25-05-2007 15:49

After 9 months hard work, the BVF 07 show is now nearly complete, with 130 stalls booked so far, plus 6 talks and demos areas, and two stages running - with a kids area, a fully decked out Bedouin tent, a Healers and Therapists zone and a gourmet vegan restaurant on a Double Decker Bus amongst the other attractions.

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Stop Torture Flights - Demo outside the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 24th May

25-05-2007 15:36

Here are some photos from the protest against rendition flights which took place outside the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh on Thursday 24th may.

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The Grauniad: An Unlimited Conduit for USUK's War Propaganda

25-05-2007 14:49

US Military Encirclement of Iran
Fed up of the garbage with which their mainstream media force-feeds them, North American as well as readers all over the world have turned to newspapers like the UK's Guardian in the hope of finding informed, intelligent reporting of world events. They will be disappointed. Today's Guardian is as much part of an Orwellian, Atlanticist, warmongering propaganda campaign as is the disgraceful New York Times.

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See the Danish minister of defencre, Sören Gade, hide under a table.

25-05-2007 13:46

See the Danish minister of defencre, Sören Gade, hide under a table.

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BREAKING NEWS: German court says anti-G8 protest marches can´t be forbidden

25-05-2007 13:25

The Verwaltungsgericht Schwerin (Court of Schwerin) came to the decision that the planned protest marches against the G8 summit are legal and can´t be forbidden.
German police wanted to forbid the marches.

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More Right Wing Guardian Propaganda

25-05-2007 11:44

In the light of three men under control orders apparently absconding, the right wing media are having a field day.

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German Police Opens Thousends Of Letters Of Suspected G8 Activists

25-05-2007 10:56

Media reports today, that "Police have been intercepting mail in the German city of Hamburg, the postal company said Friday as a hunt continued for radicals who have attacked cars and homes with petrol bombs in the run-up to next month's G8 summit. "

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Uber Warrior

25-05-2007 10:32

New Uber warfare strategies of the 21st century have relegated conventional war and to a lesser extent guerilla war strategies to history. Today’s ubiquitous and highly accessible computer technologies have redefined warfare. Traditional militaries are facing redundancy, irrelevance and heightened vulnerability from skilled digital operators. The keyboard is proving to be the most effective weapon of the modern age! Uber war is asymmetry taken to its final phase. In theory a single individual is now capable of subverting a State! The digital age has resulted in a universal dependence on digital technology. The most powerful military powers are now exposed to (persistent) direct and indirect digital attacks – it is only a matter of time before a skilled digital warrior succeeds in compromising the defence capability of a superpower.

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Ask Pope Benedict: When Does Genocide Purify?

25-05-2007 10:21

Benedict's astounding comments attracted barely a flicker of media attention in the West -- almost all of it on the wire services, and some of it problematic in itself. A May 13 Reuters dispatch noted blithely that, contrary to Benedict's claims, "many Indian groups believe the conquest brought them enslavement and genocide." This is rather like writing that "many Jewish groups believe that the Nazi Holocaust brought Jews enslavement and genocide."

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If you think these Pictures are disturbing, pass them on…

25-05-2007 06:47

It's Great to be a Refugee
It's a startling fact, but one that is often met with indifference because many people living in "first world" countries don't understand what it means to be a refugee. It's happening a million miles away. Why should they care?

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Bradford Group Prepares for Anti-Faslane Strident Action

24-05-2007 23:53

Bradford University Students held a Super Strident Sleepover this thursday to prepare for the upcoming 'Students Against Trident' (Strident) event which is occuring late this june.

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NuLab to end Human Rights

24-05-2007 23:02

This is just a rehash of corporate news, but it seems important enough to justify it.

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Shack Dwellers Movement in S.Africa Talk and Movie, South London

24-05-2007 22:57

Please print this flyer and circulate
A talk by Richard Pithouse of the South African shack dwellers movement, Abahlali baseMjondolo.