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01-09-2006 16:51

mexico city
Rebellion in Oaxaca - Mass protests in Mexico

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Noise Demo and gate blockade at BAe Brough

01-09-2006 16:46

BAe Systems are the largest 'defence' company in Europe, supplying aeroplanes and military equipment to countries all over the world, including the US and Israel. Today the BAe factory at Brough was targeted by a few local campaigners, a Rhythms of Resistance samba band and activists from the Camp Against Climate Change.

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LATEST NEWS - 3 hour lock on shuts down machine inside Drax

01-09-2006 16:39

This news just in as those responsible have finally been released after about 28 hours in police custody...

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Police hypocrisy at Drax

01-09-2006 16:19

I was overwhelmed by the appalling attitude of the police 'escorting' the march from the climate camp to Drax. It was a pointless power display.

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Armageddon Art Show

01-09-2006 15:25

Artwork & Poetry Exhibition by Lord Biro

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Peace Cyclists complete European ride in style!

01-09-2006 15:13

The Peace Cycle has completed the European leg of it's epic journey from London to Jerusalem.

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‘Utter disgrace’: SU on SOAS

01-09-2006 15:10

"Utter disgrace" was the harsh words expressed in response to a London University's controversial decision to discard its unique Bengali degree course this week.

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Police Obstruction of Media around Climate Camp and Drax - call out for reports

01-09-2006 13:50

Throughout the week there have been reports of police harassment of journalists, videographers and photographers. Some have been obstructed while filming or taking pictures, others have been prevented from passing along public highways or footpaths. Some have been repeatedly subjected to searches while trying to cover events taking place around Drax...

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Photographer arrested over 'weapon' near Drax

01-09-2006 13:33

I've copied this from comments as it's important that it is seen. The media have been feed bullshit statements by the police about weapons being found on protesters and the story below is from one of those people (not a protester at all in this case). It's important to counter the deliberate misinformation coming from the police about weapons. Their press statements have resulted for example in a Reuters piece saying that the majority of those arrested were for possesion of weapons or crimnal damage which simply isn't true. The two arrests for weapons include the photograper below and a cyclist who had a screwdriver in his tool kit that the police said was an offensive weapon! Both these people have been released without charge and yet the police and media are still quoting these arrests as if they are indicative of violent intent by protesters....

(Would the author of the article below please contact either the legal or media team at the climate camp ASAP)

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Day 1 of Mersey Fire Strike: Great Show of Solidarity

01-09-2006 11:41

Despite predictions that hundreds of scabs would cross the picket line, and offers of time and a half to anyone who betrayed their union, the Mersey Fire strike began with a tremendous show of solidarity amongst FBU firefighters.

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Call for Mass Blockades of 2007 G8

01-09-2006 11:40

Here is the English translation of the call for mass blockades of the 2007 G8 summit. The call is signed by Antifaschistische Linke Berlin, Avanti – Projekt undogmatische Linke, Gruene Jugend (Budesvorstand), and X-tausendmal quer; along with individual activists from Attac, Solid, and Werkstatt fuer Gewaltfreie Aktion.

For more information about the 2007 summit, see:, and

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1st of September. It’s time to say “STOP Nazism!”

01-09-2006 10:14

We invite you to join the international action "Stop Nazism!"

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Mildenhall Peace camp closes

01-09-2006 08:09

A peace camp set up to protest the use of a Suffolk airbase for transporting weapons to the Lebanon conflict has closed after being declared a success by organisers.

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Israeli cluster bombs blanket Lebanese towns

01-09-2006 07:31

Unexploded Israeli cluster munitions dropped during the 34-day war in Lebanon have killed at least 13 civilians and wounded 50 since the ceasefire took effect on August 14. About 100,000 unexploded cluster bomblets litter the country, preventing large numbers of people from returning to their homes. Israel’s bombardment of urban and residential areas with cluster munitions was a deliberate tactic by the government of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to terrorise the Lebanese people and prevent refugees from returning to their homes.

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Doubtful justice in Lodhi sentencing

01-09-2006 06:33

Used to jail people who are not terrorists!
In Lodhi’s case, this has meant that the threshold of what constitutes “beyond reasonable doubt” has been lowered to an alarming degree. Justice and civil rights are the victims of this “war on terror” in which the government and security agencies benefit politically from convicting supposed terrorists. It is likely that Lodhi’s conviction and sentencing demonstrates, as in the Thomas case, that terror laws are being used to jail people who are not terrorists.

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People Needed @ Bristol Crown Court This Monday + FAIRFORD ARTICLE ARCHIVES

01-09-2006 03:27

Three years of pre-trial hearings later, the trials of Margaret Jones and Paul Milling - who disabled vehicles at Fairford air base in Gloucestershire in the lead up to the bombing and invasion of Iraq - are due to begin on 4th September, and are expected to last until 18th September.

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Oaxaca City SlideShow: Un Pueblo Unido Avanza Sin Partidos

01-09-2006 03:08

SlideShow of photos taken in Oaxaca City during the last week of August 2006 with compiled audio from the 2006 “El Enemigo Común” tour. (9:34 minutes / 15 MB)

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Vine and Fig Tree Planters at Reading court

01-09-2006 01:13

29th August 2006 – Reading Magistrates Court

Two people from the international Vine and Fig Tree planters (Post Protest Community) who planted trees in Aldermaston in August 2005 begin to augment the altering of matters by appearing in Reading court to initiate changes themselves.

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Video of Drax looking pretty shut down actually!

31-08-2006 22:23

When we looked at the footage of the power station, it started to be clear that some things were distinctly not normal. Rail access blocked [yes by the police but it still counts] , grinders for scooping coal not rotating, and minimal smoke coming out.

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Spending on Government Spin Trebles

31-08-2006 21:43

Official figures obtained by the Conservative Party bring to light the astonishing expansion of the Whitehall press machine under Tony Blair’s government.