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The Blair's Brothel (by Latuff)

18-11-2003 17:33

The Blair's Brothel
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Bush visit: Parliament Square protesters demand protection and rights

18-11-2003 17:29

President Bush’s visit:
As huge sums are spent on security arrangements, MPs call for protection for Parliament Square protesters and their rights

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Bush to arrive RAF Northolt

18-11-2003 17:16

bush to arrive northolt not heathrow as stated in media

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Return Bush to Sender

18-11-2003 16:47

Cartoon by Latuff

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sedgefield (blair's constituency) visit by bush

18-11-2003 16:21

bush will be visiting blair's constituency on friday 21st december for lunch with blair and his wife, along with some locals too. turn up and let your voice be heard. it's a village off the M1, and i suspect that you're more likely to get nearer bush here than you are in london.

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"Stop Bush": London Plans

18-11-2003 16:03

"Stop Bush": London Plans (may be subject to change)

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Protest and Orange Overalls action @ Blairs visit to the CBI in Birmingham

18-11-2003 15:57

Independence from Bu$h
On the eve of Bush's visit to Britain yesterday, protestors from a diverse range of concerns converged on the International Convention Centre (I.C.C.) in Birmingham to protest at Tony Blair's arrival at the annual conference of the C.B.I. (Confederation of British Industries).

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Princes Park under attack

18-11-2003 15:15

The Park Nook wildlife area of Princes Park is being destroyed

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We all Make Mistakes, I suppose?

18-11-2003 15:06

When the Post or the Echo write a storey and say something wrong about an ordinary citizen they get away with it and there is nothing people like me can do about it. It is absolute. Our side of the storey is seldom printed.

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Migrant Voices

18-11-2003 14:44

Migrant Voices
Migrant Voices, which is a production by Banner Theatre based on real life experiences of Iraqi Kurds. Is being preformed this evening (18th November 2003) at the Workstation, Paternoster Row, Sheffield, at 7pm. There are further dates planned around the country.

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Student Action against Bush Builds

18-11-2003 14:34

London Students to hold a theatrical picket of Exxon-Mobil HQ as part of George W Bush State Visit. LSE Student Union voted for a 'teach-in/sit-in' today ahead of the protests.

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No WMD No Lie

18-11-2003 14:21

My humblest apologies to Bob Marley; please, please forgive me.

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Bring Down Bush - Solidarity from America

18-11-2003 14:04

I am writing you in solidarity to applaud your protest. Make it loud and vivid for your sisters and brothers in America who no longer can.

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ISM Reports: The Latest Activist Reports From Palestine

18-11-2003 13:56

Tuesady 18th November 2003

The Latest ISM Activist Reports From Palestine

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Parliament Sq protest

18-11-2003 13:48

Most of you here will probably know about Brian from Redditch. He's been camping out on a tiny patch of grass between the pavement and the green at Parliament Sq for nearly 3 years now, in all weathers, in protest against this appalling war against the people of Iraq. He was on hunger strike during the bombing earlier in the year, and has been subject to all kinds of abuse from passers by and tourists.

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Simultaneous Policy - A Simple Solution?

18-11-2003 12:55

"How can we the people get our leaders to listen to us and not just to the rich and powerful?

"How can we make our values their values, values like:
fair trade and decent livelihoods
respect for life, health and environmental sustainability
true democracy – not 'corporatocracy'
freedom, security and equal opportunity for all
zero tolerance for terror of all kinds – state terror and domestic tyranny included
unity in diversity among peoples, nations and cultures
an end to weapons of mass destruction and to war itself as an obsolete means of conflict resolution ..."

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Special Relationship

18-11-2003 12:48

review of thespecial relationship

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Doubts when duty calls

18-11-2003 11:41

Army Spc. Willie Turner III, 21, returned from Iraq on crutches
While most soldiers on leave return refreshed, some soldiers on leave worry about what to expect when they head back to Iraq.