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Bring Down Bush - Solidarity from America

farrah freedom | 18.11.2003 14:04 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles

I am writing you in solidarity to applaud your protest. Make it loud and vivid for your sisters and brothers in America who no longer can.

I just wanted to add to the other comments of other Americans in this thread. I too am an activist and participated in the big London anti-war protest before being deported back to the US for overstaying my visa.
My treatment upon arrival back New York by Homeland Security gestapo I blame squarely on Bush. My passport was taken away and I was interrogated for 4 hours and asked about my political affiliations and activities in your fine country.

Now that the right to protest has been all but eliminated in the U.S. and people like me who worked and lived in the UK, trouble-free but politically active are routinely deported as a consequence of the "War on Terror" it seems they are seeing that we can not leave again by taking our passports upon return to the land of the not-so-free. In my case a relationship of two years was destroyed because of this. We're I still in London I'd be marching with all of you in the american expats block because.....

This is now the land of detaining people with no lawyer.

Interrogating people without arrest.

Taking away american citizenship or passports due to political beliefs.

Judeo-Christian fundamentalism and religious intolerance.

'Snatch n Grab' tactics employed by police against people handing out literature critical of the government.

Libraries asked to submit information about the books people routinely borrow.

And a news media that has been so bought out by corporate interests that they have yet to reaise what we lost.


So I appeal to you lot, don't let the toxic texan do to you through his proxy, tony blair, what he has done to America. Help us take our country back from this unelected right wing extremist regime by shaming, shunning and showing him up to be the embodiment or american machiavellism.

My only question is is it too early for me to seek asylum in Britain or do we have to wait for some federal police massacre to happen in America before the Britain no longer laughs at such a request?

farrah freedom


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