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Itoiz Update - A message From Solidarios con Itoiz

15-05-2003 16:17

A message from Solidarios con Itoiz

Update: Itoiz Dam is being filled and the landslides have begun.

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1996 Khobar towers bombing in Saudi

15-05-2003 15:28

Don't forget that after Al Qaeda's 1996 Khobar towers bombing in Saudi, that killed 19 Americans, the US govt gave the contract for building new military bases there to the Bin Laden's construction company.

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15-05-2003 15:17


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15-05-2003 14:41

The obese Psychopath of Sabra is squatting in the road.

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Indymedia in Iraq starting up

15-05-2003 13:49

The first independent media/paper running in iraq/baghdad is out up, with the content from the first issue of Al-MuaJaha yesterday, which is now posted to -Please can folk get this out on their local wires and networks so that this gets alot of support. This is the first move to break the news embargo, and these mainly students on the ground in Iraq, need all the solidarity they can get. cheers Davey (pandora DU project) .

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15-05-2003 13:43

This poem was written for a competition run by BBC London
called 'Roots Around London', which it won.

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15-05-2003 12:49

The G8 has made numerous promises to fight AIDS, TB, and malaria, only to break them. Since the US and UK went to war with Iraq more than a million people have died of AIDS, TB, and malaria. Demand that the G8 stop lying and give money to fight these deadly diseases of poverty. More info is available at (article 12)

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Introducing two independent media sites in Japan

15-05-2003 11:55

TokyoProgressive and Japan Indymedia are waiting for your participation

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Freedom and the state

15-05-2003 10:45


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Dirty bomb victims 'may be shot'

15-05-2003 10:03

Dirty bomb victims 'may be shot' by JOHN INNES

(annotated version)

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So where is the democracy? Where is the freedom?

15-05-2003 08:42

A New Kind of Democracy

A 22 year old Iraqi college student at Baghdad University speaks out about "democracy" and the occupation of Iraq.

by Hamsa Mohammed

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15-05-2003 08:27

a review

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for those criticising castro

15-05-2003 08:18

would be well to keep in mind that Batista had himsel seized power in 1952

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Solidarity with the Usan prisoner Harold H. Thompson

15-05-2003 08:00

The Anarchist prisoner Harold H. Thompson has been fighting for more than 20 years for the most basic rights for prisoners in the U$A, but his work has suffered a serious setback recently and he needs our help. Here's all the info:

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Jack Straw: It's not crucial to find WMD

15-05-2003 06:02

This sort of flip-flop is bearly noticed in the U.S.

I hope people in the U.K. will have a different response.

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Israeli-arab religious leader caught funding terrorists

15-05-2003 05:54

Gee, what a surprise. Not.

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Down with Murder inc

15-05-2003 00:47

captain wardrobe rants as he sees it....

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Blackout in Britain

14-05-2003 23:03

Alleged Pedophiles Helm Blair's War Room

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Wolfowitz's Skewed History of Asia

14-05-2003 22:50

In Wolfowitz's rosy view of history, the millions of Koreans, Filipinos and Indonesians who rebelled against their authoritarian governments were following in Japan's footsteps. That is false. In reality, democratic activists in those countries endured torture, imprisonment and military repression imposed by governments backed by the Pentagon, financed by Japan and tolerated by Wolfowitz and other American officials in the name of US national security.

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Are Colleges Swinging “Right” or Is The Right Swinging Colleges?

14-05-2003 22:40

Mainstream media suggests college campuses are becoming more conservative. Is that so, or is that what we’re being led to believe?