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OutRage!- Gay muslim to challenge trial judge

03-10-2006 16:04

OutRage! supports a gay muslim who is challenging his trial judge's conduct.

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Make a movie that matters

03-10-2006 15:42

NUFF Global is a worldwide call for young filmmakers everywhere to submit film ideas on Climate Change. An international committee of film and environmental specialists has already been assembled, and will the top ideas approx. 5,000 US dollars each in production funds. Completed films will be screened at NUFF 2007 ( For detailed information please check

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Camp for Climate Action Follow Up Meeting 14+15/10

03-10-2006 14:04

Open Gathering Invite, Weekend 14-15th Oct, Manchester

Climate Change isn’t just going to disappear – and
neither are we. The Camp for Climate Action was a
turning point, but it was never going to be enough in
itself. Come and take the next steps forward at the
upcoming UK-wide meeting in Manchester from October
14th to 15th and be part of a newly energised movement
in the fight against climate chaos. Everybody is
welcome, whether you came to the Camp or not.

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Lies Damn Lies, and Dominion Housing Group

03-10-2006 13:32

Dominion Housing Group, (formerly Acton Housing Association)
Have always despised tenants who speak out against their
paternalistic, and oppressive housing policies.
Indeed, those who do find themselves "marked for eviction"
using questionable methods.

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Repression in Osaka, Japan, as city bids for G8 2008

03-10-2006 12:03

There has been a series of arrests in Osaka against the homeless liberation movement. Several activists, including anarchists, have been detained on serious charges. These arrests follow a number of attacks by Osaka city against homeless people and their supporters.

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i the film - indymedia exposed - european screening tour starts 10th Oct, London

03-10-2006 09:47

“i” positively vibrates with the energy and creativity of the movement it documents. Beautiful, intellectual, riotous, it fits in no box — and no blurb! Just see it! — Naomi Klein

“i” is an excellent introduction to the ideas of autonomy, horizontal social movements, networks, media and their interrelation in today’s corporate-driven global marketplace...

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The "New Anti-Semitism" (by Latuff)

03-10-2006 09:16

The "New Anti-Semitism" 1
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's occupation and state terrorism.

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Royal Society of Arts Fellowship Concerns for John Callcutt CBE?

03-10-2006 08:37

John Callcutt CBE and Fellow of The RSA Not Squeaky Clean Say Family
The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, (RSA) Manufactures & Commerce hold their 252nd AGM today. One Family writes invitation and appeal to the Trustees, via Chief Executive Officer - Mr. Philip Bunt FCA. They express concern about the “moral appropriateness” of the institutions’ ‘Fellowship’ status, as it applies to one fellow, Mr. John Callcutt CBE, CEO of English Partnerships.

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Life insurance business fails so BNP moves into double-glazing

03-10-2006 06:17

Yet another new business venture for the near-bankrupt BNP

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1,2,3 Come Out

03-10-2006 05:36

3Sixty Magazine is available free of charge from gay and gay friendly venues throughout the South of England and South Wales.

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Discrimination of HIV-Positive People Widespread in South Korea, Official Says

03-10-2006 05:26

A recent survey conducted by the Korea Federation for AIDS Prevention says that discrimination against HIV-positive people is widespread in South Korea, despite high levels of knowledge about HIV/AIDS, KFAP Director-General Kwoen Khan-woo said, the Korea Times reports.

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Electronic-Voting and the U.S. & Brazilian Elections

03-10-2006 04:49

Exit Polls vs. Election Results (Traditional & Electronic)
Whenever these machines have been used, there is a surprisingly strong showing for conservative candidates regardless of the exit polls ,
These electronic voting machines can be altered in minutes to throw elections

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Australian charities boycott “welfare to work” measures

03-10-2006 01:27

Designed to force workers
It is no coincidence that the Welfare to Work measures have been imposed alongside the new workplace relations laws, because they go hand in hand. The industrial legislation is designed to force workers onto individual contracts that will rip up wages and basic conditions. Having no choice but to accept sub-standard jobs, the unemployed, single parents and the disabled will be used to undermine the conditions of all workers.

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Is The Independent really concerned about the plight of the Afghan women?

02-10-2006 23:19

Where speaking out is murder for women_26 Sep 06
comparing The Independent and Mail on Sunday's front page articles on Afghanistan

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The Corrib Gas Controversy: State Collaboration with Shell Exposed

02-10-2006 23:19

The following article is a position paper on the Irish Government's attempt to placate growing opposition by the appointment of a so-called “independent mediator” to defuse the crisis over the outright handover of Irish energy resources to multinational corporations. It also includes an update on the present crisis at Corrib.

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Shell to Sea Campaign Suddenly Heats Up

02-10-2006 23:12

This is urgent news from 'Shell to Sea', a hugely popular and widespread campaign concerning the north-west of Ireland. It is expected that Shell, with assistence from the cops, will attempt to forcibly start work on a dangerous experimental pipeline in the next few days. 100-200 cops are reported to have been drafted into the area for up to one month.

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Rossport's shell to sea alert

02-10-2006 22:58

I received this email from the Rossport solidarity camp mailing list. It appears that Shell have no problems using force, even though there is NO public support for their development of this dangerous and destructive gas extraction project. this will not end tomorrow, but it will certainty escalate the actions the protesters can legitimately take.

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Shaking Uncontrollably: Does Guzzling Gas Make You Piss Fire?

02-10-2006 22:30

Bad ideas are like starfish: You can cut them up, but unless you squash them into jelly and incinerate the remains, they will multiply. I’m not really saying that we should go around murdering idiots . . . but this week’s “news” certainly made me want to beat a few people mercilessly.

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Dolgellau Bus Users Surgery

02-10-2006 22:14

Bus Users UK brings together transport passengers and company representatives in an informal environment to address issues of concern and help improve Britain's bus services as part of an integrated, sustainable transport infrastructure.

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Stonewall Survey Tackles Levels of Anti-Gay Bullying in UK Schools

02-10-2006 21:56

More than 700 people have shared their experiences of anti-gay bullying at school on Stonewall's online survey.