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Life insurance business fails so BNP moves into double-glazing

Lancaster UAF | 03.10.2006 06:17 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles

Yet another new business venture for the near-bankrupt BNP

The BNP has GOT to be getting desperate. For months now - in fact since the Electoral Commission published the financial records of the party to almost universal laughter at the looming shadow of bankruptcy - the BNP has been devising more and more bizarre ways to generate income.

First there was the foray into the music biz with Great White Records, which Nick Griffin must have thought was a licence to print money. Unfortunately for him, it just turned out to be a licence to produce really badly written and appallingly sung folk tunes (mainly sung by the ghastly Griffin himself). Then there was the foray into life insurance with Albion Life. That's collapsed in just about a month after the insurance brokers with whom the BNP was working pulled out. Now there's a new venture that's no doubt as doomed to failure as all the other crappy ideas Nick Griffin and his hangers-on have come up with. Yes, Nick Griffin has finally found a spiritual home that suits him, for he has become a double-glazing salesman.

If you can bear to look at the BNP's dreadful Albion Life page or, even worse, its Project Iona pages (a misty-eyed gaze into the far-distant past when England was occupied only by nine white men and a dog) you'll see an advert for Brightahomes. If you click on the link, you're taken to a page which claims to be 'the UK's premier site for conservatories and window suppliers'. Not bad for a page that's only been registered since January 31st of this year.

Curiously, this 'premier site' chooses to hide its registrant. Do a WHOIS check on the domain name and you're told; 'The registrant is a non-trading individual who has opted to have their address omitted from the WHOIS service'. Very odd.

The site itself seems to be a simple conservatory and double-glazing company locator, presumably taking a cut for any sales that are clinched through its site - operating much in the same way that Albion Life was supposed to.

On the Brightahomes site, there is a link to 'Other Services', which has a single link to a page named Skip Hire Register. Both pages appear to follow precisely the same template and exactly the same thing happens on this one; the site is simply a locator for skip hire companies. It also has a link to 'Other Services' and what do we find here? Surprise - just one link, to Brightahomes. Skip Hire Register is also a 'premier site', although in this case it has only been registered since July 31st 2006.

A WHOIS check on the Skip Hire Register domain name finally gives the game away. The site registrant is Steve Blake, the registrant of the web sites of the BNP itself, the Christian Council of Britain, Albion Life and a host of others. What a busy chap he is.

So what precisely IS the British National Party? We know it's a pseudo-political party packed with liars, thieves, con-men, thugs and racists but now it seems it isn't just a political party at all. It appears to have evolved into some bizarre amalgam of dubious political party, company, broker, church and double-glazing salesman as it gets more and more desperate to raise cash, and one wonders where it's likely to go from here. The world will be watching - if only for the laughs.

Lancaster UAF
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