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Rossport's shell to sea alert

OsamaBinCohen | 02.10.2006 22:58 | Ecology | Globalisation | Social Struggles

I received this email from the Rossport solidarity camp mailing list. It appears that Shell have no problems using force, even though there is NO public support for their development of this dangerous and destructive gas extraction project. this will not end tomorrow, but it will certainty escalate the actions the protesters can legitimately take.

State to make effort to break Shell to Sea picket

Large numbers of police are now in Belmullet, the town nearest to Shell's gas refinery development in Ballinaboy, north-west Mayo.

Tomorrow, Tuesday's picket of the refinery site is to start at midnight tonight.

Today in Belmullet the police sealed off a small street while holding a meeting with Shell in a premises on that street. If you can come to Rossport Solidarity Camp, come now, if you cannot, then hold a solidarity action where you are.

Some smear stories in the media have sought to prepare public opinion for repression.

The Irish Times said today: "
A large force of gardaí is being mobilised to force entry this week to the Corrib gas terminal site in Co Mayo which has been blockaded by protesters for more than a year."

Travel details are on the camp website:

There is a map of the area here:

Contact the camp at 0857629614 (from the Republic of Ireland) or 00353 857629614 (from outside the Republic)

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